Which Channel Has The Most Impact On Drive-To-Store For Luxury Brands?


Yoann Chapel | April 19, 2017

One of the most important ways that luxury brands can bring quality traffic to their websites isn’t influencers, social advertising, or organic search. The WorldWatchReport™ Benchmark reveals what it is.

Do you know which channel has the most impact on drive-to-store? It’s not Social, it’s not SEM, nor Display Advertising, but emailing.

The latest findings from the The WorldWatchReport™ Benchmark reveal that over 14% of email traffic goes direct to store locator pages, representing a strong purchase intent. Yet, emailing is being totally under used by luxury watch brands. It currently represents less than 1% of the total traffic to the brand’s website.

Having a strong database of clients and prospective customers not only makes email a great channel for communications, but also opens up brands to take advantage of more sophisticated targeting options from the big social media players, such as Facebook’s custom and look-alike audiences.   

Further insights and consolidated benchmark indicators are available to participating brands and DLG clients, who benefit from a full range of insights, with integration of this unique data set into their global performance measurement framework. To find out more visit:

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