China Still On Top for Luxury Watchmakers


Yoann Chapel | March 30, 2017

The new WorldWatchReport™ Benchmark has revealed that within the next few months, China will dethrone the US as the leading source of luxury watch website visitors.

In the new WorldWatchReport™ Benchmark, Digital Luxury Group introduces, for the first time ever, a way for luxury and prestige watch brands to measure their digital performance versus the industry. With the unveiling of a detailed digital analytics benchmark specifically tailored to the watch industry, the report helps guide brands on their global activities.

Uncovered in the latest version of the report is that from a website traffic source market perspective, China has just now reached the level of the US, and within the next months is poised to surpass it.

Further insights and consolidated benchmark indicators are available to participating brands and DLG clients, who benefit from a full range of insights, with integration of this unique data set into their global performance measurement framework.To find out more visit:

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