In advance of our Luxury Society Keynote event taking place on Friday, we're looking at key statistics about the current digital and e-commerce industry in China.


1. The size of the e-commerce industry in China is enormous, topping $577 billion USD 



2. Search engines, especially Baidu, service over 628 million individuals, on mobile alone



3. A majority of 25-34 year olds in China make a purchase online, every day



4. China has the highest rate of e-commerce repurchase across the globe 



5. Groceries, followed by Women's Apparel, are the top categories of purchase online



Join us on Friday, November 25th in Shanghai, or online following the #luxdigital hashtag to hear from China E-Commerce experts such as Vanessa Qian, VP Marketing & E-Commerce at Sephora, Thibault Villet, CEO of, Wan Zhang, General Manager of Baidu, John Hamilton, Director, Marketing Communications APAC of Four Seasons Hotels & Resort, and more.



About the author

Tamar Koifman

International Managing Editor , Luxury Society

Tamar is the International Managing Editor of Luxury Society and marketing and new client development lead at Digital Luxury Group.

Her prior roles included digital marketing and e-commerce positions at L'Oreal, Estée Lauder, and Chanel.

Sindi Ncube 8 months, 4 weeks ago

Thank you for the very insightful article. Do you have any insights on Africa and consumption of luxury goods. I am based in South Africa and have founded an e-commerce business focusing on luxury goods. The number of articles I have read, do not give much information, with great focus on China and India. I would appreciate hearing from you.

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