[Video] LS Keynote 2019: Social CRM Approaches To WeChat Acquisition And Engagement


Annick-Ange Logmo | September 26, 2019

JINGdigital’s Kai Hong gives insights into WeChat users’ engagement with luxury brands online and highlights how brands can design successful social CRM strategies.

WeChat is at the heart of omnichannel retail, and brands need to understand how to better navigate the platform to further engage users, and grow their communities. 

While heritage brands have widely adopted WeChat and the platforms’ retail and marketing capabilities, they still struggle to engage their followers and drive conversions, as studies show that about 54% of luxury brands’ followers are inactive, with only 8.23% of their communities interacting with them on a monthly basis.

The challenge for brands is now to develop more sophisticated user journeys and CRM strategies. In his presentation, Chairman and Co-Founder of JINGdigital Kai Hong shares insights on WeChat user behaviours and highlights the key factors of successful social CRM strategies. 

From analyzing data on user interaction, to follower acquisition and case studies of welcome journeys, Kai Hong identifies users’ engagement values and explains how brands can respond to users’ expectations in a way that generates more intention, and more leads.

Watch the video for his full presentation. A PDF version of what he shared is also available for download at the link below.

[LS Keynote 2019] Social CRM Approaches To WeChat Acquisition And Engagement

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