Some of the Year's Best Multichannel Efforts


Brielle Jaekel | December 27, 2018

From blending in-store and digital efforts to mixing print and digital, luxury labels are finding ways to reach consumers through both traditional and more contemporary avenues.

Luxury brands' campaigns today are rarely centered on a single channel as they work to reach consumers who are adept at constantly using multiple platforms.

From blending in-store and digital efforts to mixing print and digital, luxury labels are finding ways to reach consumers through both traditional and more contemporary avenues. Multichannel marketing continues to be vital in reaching today's tech-savvy affluents.

Here are the top 10 multichannel efforts of the third quarter, in alphabetical order:

Great Big Story explores music and architecture in China

Image credit: Fairmont

Hospitality group AccorHotels is giving fans a glimpse into emerging cultural scenes in Asia through a new docuseries in another effort to engage guests through storytelling.

A collaboration with CNN International's Great Big Story, the four-part video series focuses on art, architecture and music and will be viewed on multiple platforms, with the debut video sponsored by the Fairmont brand. Luxury travelers are increasingly looking for more authentic experiences, and hospitality brands are meeting this demand both in-person and online.

The Departures insert includes a special key FOB

Image courtesy of Audi

German automaker Audi is handing consumers the keys to its new A8 with an exclusive interactive print advertisement in the latest issue of travel magazine Departures.

A four-page insert in the November/December edition showcases the distinctive taillights of the Audi A8, which can be controlled with a special key FOB. Although print media is on the decline, the long shelf life still makes magazine ads a worthy investment for luxury brands.

Celine's new C bag, available in stores and online

Image credit: Celine

LVMH’s fashion house Celine is bringing its new designer bags to the public, as part of its new drop strategy with a modern take on fashion.

Celine will now be dropping new products periodically rather than the traditional seasonal collections to better keep up with shifting consumer demands. Four months before his first apparel collection will be released, Celine’s new creative director has dropped his first accessories line for the brand.

Chanel is focusing on digital

Image credit: Chanel

French fashion label Chanel is beefing up its digital strategy with a new flagship that will act as the foundation for its technological advancements.

Chanel’s new store is five stories and is now the largest the brand has in Paris. As part of the brand’s partnership with online luxury retailer Farfetch, Chanel will be using its new flagship to test its latest innovations.

Photograph by Maya Goded for Dior Mag

French fashion house Christian Dior is elaborating on the Mexican inspiration for its 2019 cruise collection by putting local photographers in front of the camera.

Eight Mexican women photographed the collection in their native country for a feature in the latest issue of DiorMag, and the brand is sharing their stories and heritage in an Instagram series. Dior recently received backlash on social media because while the collection is influenced by escaramuzas, highly-skilled Mexican horsewomen, the campaign stars American actress Jennifer Lawrence.

Zegna's new XXX collection

Image credit: Zegna

Italian house Ermenegildo Zegna is expanding its online offerings with a partnership beginning in the United States for a capsule collection.

Online retailer Farfetch will now be including Zegna fashion in its ecommerce platform. The fashion house’s Ermenegildo Zegna XXX US Capsule Collection is available on Farfetch’s Web site starting Nov. 5.

Flexjet introduces consumers to Captain Reynolds, a character based on the firm's pilots

Image credit: Flexjet

Private aviation firm Flexjet is sharing a new multichannel campaign that highlights its services from two different perspectives.

Flexjet's campaign includes video spots featuring passengers and pilots alike, while additional social media posts include profiles of the company's real-life pilots. The "Poetic Point of View" campaign adds a human element to a travel sector that most often focuses on the exclusivity that is inherent in the experience of private air travel.

Still from an episode of Growing Pains

Image credit: Gucci

Italian fashion label Gucci is marking the launch of a new fragrance trio with a special video and podcast series exploring unconventional beauty.

"Growing Pains" is a collaborative video and podcast project between Dazed Beauty and Gucci coinciding with the introduction of Gucci Bloom fragrances. By sharing brand storytelling through both video and audio, Gucci is leveraging more digital tools to reach its audience.

Olfaplay, Guerlain's new platform

Image credit: Guerlain

French perfumer Guerlain is tapping into the strong relationship between scent and memory with a new application that hopes to convey emotion through audio.

Guerlain is engulfing fragrance fans into its world with a variety of stories centered on perfume. The perfumer has created a new digital platform, dubbed Olfaplay, that invites a variety of speakers to share their stories in relation to scent, looking to make an audio impression in a time where social media has created shorter attention spans.

LG Signature's installation with Maxim Zhestkov

Image credit: LG Signature

Appliance and electronics brand LG Signature has collaborated with artists in an immersive experience to show off its products through varying methods.

Pop-up House of LG Signature invites a variety of tastemakers and art enthusiasts to explore the experience created by four different artists. Each piece features an LG Signature product in a work of art in the medium of that particular artist.

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Article originally published on Luxury Daily. Republished with permission. 

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