What We've Read: China's Luxury E-commerce Market of 2018 and How Arnault is Transforming Rimowa


Camille Lake | December 15, 2017

Luxury Society's selection of news articles that are not to be missed this week.

1. How China’s Luxury E-commerce Market Will Evolve in 2018

As the market matures, the next year will be followed by a continued crackdown on counterfeits, an evolution of the luxury capabilities of players like Alibaba, and WeChat, and a definition of what it means to sell luxury online in China.

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2. Rimowa CEO Alexandre Arnault Looks to Rewrite Luxury Retail’s Rules

The head of Rimowa has taken very quick, deliberate steps to turn the German travel brand into an innovator.

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3. Watch Out Jimmy Choo, Luxury Shoes Are Going Vegan

The demand for cruelty-free, sustainable, stylish footwear is growing, and socially conscious entrepreneurs are wowing consumers with ethical alternatives to major brands.

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4. Retailers Still Haven't Caught Up to Millennials

The children of baby boomers don't seek personal fulfillment through shopping.

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5. Tiffany Boosted by Citi Upgrade and Among S&P; 500 Leaders

Group could be a luxury takeover target, as Wall Street edges lower. 

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Cover image credit: Rimowa