Carl F. Bucherer Strengthens Influencer Relationships in Debut Effort


Jen King | December 05, 2017

Swiss watchmaker Carl F. Bucherer is sharing how time becomes a journey through the lens of five influencers, each with his own unique style.

Carl F. Bucherer’s influencer campaign features five successful men’s lifestyle bloggers from the United States to showcase the characteristics of a modern urban gentlemen. At the campaign's center is Carl F. Bucherer’s Manero Flyback timepiece, which fits in with the urban spirit of the watchmaker’s selected influencers.

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"Each of the fashion influencers selected for Carl F. Bucherer’s U.S. campaign embodies the sophistication and contemporary style of our own brand," said Danijela Andjelic, head of digital at Carl F. Bucherer, Zurich. "We selected those influencers who have proven themselves to be tastemakers in the digital menswear community today, those whose independence and classical style complements our own.

"The Manero Flyback, for example, looks completely natural on all of their wrists, whether they are traveling the globe, or representing their style in their daily lives," she said.

Building relationships

Carl F. Bucherer’s campaign maintains its journeying theme with the tagline, “Wherever time takes you, Lucerne travels with you." Lucerne is the watchmaker’s Swiss hometown.

In a sneak preview of the watchmaker’s debut influencer campaign, Carl F. Bucherer shared a teaser video of the five men’s lifestyle bloggers in various settings on its social channels.

The content, which shows the five men at a bar counter, dancing to the music of a standup bass or walking toward a waiting helicopter, works to show that although each man and his lifestyle is different, the Maneo Flyback is a common identifier.

Image credit: Carl F. Bucherer Instagram 

For its effort, Carl F. Bucherer has strengthened its relationship with bloggers Blake Scott, Adam Gallagher, Luke Ditella, Brian Sacawa and Igee Okafor. The men were chosen by the watchmaker for their embodiment of a modern urban gentlemen’s fashion sense.

Carl F. Bucherer created the campaign to support the Manero Flyback as, similar to its selected influencers, stands out from a crowd due to its sleek style. Also, Carl F. Bucherer reserves that the Manero Flyback is a “sophisticated accessory for global citizens with an eclectic sense of style.”

Tied into Carl F. Bucherer’s debut influencer campaign is the appointment of blogger Mr. Scott of men’s blog The Scott Effect, as the watchmaker’s first digital brand ambassador.

Based in Los Angeles, Mr. Scott’s The Scott Effect covers lifestyle topics and is very popular with a fashion-forward male audience. Also, Mr. Scott boasts more than 481,000 followers on Instagram alone, which will help Carl F. Bucherer build awareness among the influencer’s community.

Image credit: Carl F. Bucherer. Blogger Blake Scott of The Scott Effect is Carl F. Bucherer's first digital brand ambassador. 

"The campaign is entitled 'Wherever time takes you, Lucerne travels with you,' because while our brand is deeply rooted in our hometown of Lucerne, Carl F. Bucherer has grown into a global brand without borders," Carl F. Bucherer's Ms. Andjelic said.

"Today’s world traveler appreciates versatile and luxurious accessories that go where they go, effortlessly – accessories which are an extension of their own personality," she said. "Our campaign materials reflect the diverse personalities of influencer and provide a peek into how, with the creative eye of a tastemaker and style influencer, each man has made the Carl F. Bucherer Manero Flyback his own."

Currently, 73 percent of luxury fashion and beauty brands have an active influencer marketing campaign going on and 65 percent agree that it is very effective. This data comes from Fashion and Beauty Monitor’s report on influencer marketing, "The New Face of Luxury," which analyzes the current view on influencers in the luxury fashion world and established seven major trends in the influencer market.

Digital emphasis

Carl F. Bucherer has been proactive in continuously expanding its digital presence over the last few years.

The Swiss watchmaker, for example, unveiled a new brand image in July 2016 that emphasizes the importance of a strong digital and social media presence.

For the digital rebranding of its brand, Carl F. Bucherer worked with Digital Luxury Group on a series of efforts that have heightened the watchmaker’s awareness through a revamped Web site, establishing a community of brand ambassadors and fortifying its placement on social channels, among other tactics.

As a smaller house that has been family-owned since 1888, Carl F. Bucherer had to refine its digital properties to meet modern consumers on frequented platforms in a bid to stay relevant and modern in a highly competitive industry sector.

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Other innovations include uniting analog with digital technology for a modern driving cockpit.

For instance, Carl F. Bucherer explored Swiss ingenuity with a partnership 10 years in the making.

For the past decade, Carl F. Bucherer has been working with Swiss automotive think tank Rinspeed, a specialist in restoring classics cars and modifying modern models. The two brands are united by Swiss heritage as well as a commitment to undercovering solutions, ideas and innovative technologies. 

"We have made a concerted effort in recent years to tell our story effectively on digital communications, including social media, and this campaign is an extension of those efforts to build our audience," Carl F. Bucherer's Ms. Andjelic said.

"The influencers we have selected have cultivated a niche following of menswear enthusiasts that we feel would be very interested in hearing about our watches," she said.

Cover image credit: Karston Skinny Tannis featured on Image: Igee Okafor wearing the Carl F. Bucherer Manero Flyback.  

Article originally published on Luxury Daily. Republished with permission. 

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