Leveraging Influencers to Create Conversations Online: Rosewood Hotels and Resorts


Brielle Jaekel | June 23, 2017

Rosewood Hotels and Resorts is further establishing its authority on all things travel with an assortment of in-the-know influencers

Hospitality group Rosewood Hotels and Resorts is further establishing its authority on all things travel with an assortment of in-the-know influencers via a new content hub.

“Rosewood Conversations” is an online destination aimed to create a community for those interested in luxury travel. The content hub will feature weekly features from celebrities and experts.

“Rather than being driven by the Rosewood properties themselves, the content on Rosewood Conversations focuses on the authentic elements of the destinations where the properties are located," said Thuy Tranthi Rieder, group vice president, sales and marketing of Rosewood Hotel Group. “By activating an international network of some of today’s most influential tastemakers, innovators, and insiders, the platform is able to offer distinct, conversational content that showcases new and unexpected experiences that are of interest to sophisticated travelers.”

Luxury travel content
The online content hub will feature a series of interviews and content from world-renowned experts in the travel industry.

Many pieces will act as guides for destinations where Rosewood has a presence. The initiative will have a subtle branding presence that reminds readers of Rosewood’s locations without taking too strong of a marketing perspective.

Rosewood’s content on the hub will focus more on the destinations themselves rather than the Rosewood property.

Experts ushering the debut of Rosewood Conversations include cosmetics designer Bobbi Brown, expert mixologist Alastair Burgess, fashion illustrator Clym Evernden, style authority Iris Apfel, custom tailor Jake Mueser and chef Eric Ziebold.

Ms. Brown will be sharing her tips and tricks for packing in an interview. Another interview with Mr. Burgess will share his favorite drinks in London. Mr. Evernden will share his travel sketchbook and Ms. Apel will provide a guide to her favorite haunted locations on the Upper East Side in New York. A guide to Mr. Mueser’s favorite spots in the West Village will also be posted as well as dining suggestions in Washington from Mr. Ziebold.

Rosewood Conversations will be indicative of a luxury travel magazine. Other content featured on the hub will be original photography, interactive maps, interviews with well-known locals, neighborhood guides and insights from experts.

Rosewood initiatives

The luxury hospitality group has been continually working to build its reputation as the source for all content travel related. Recently, Rosewood added another influencer to its arsenal of powerful individuals who share all they know in regard to travel, this time with a fashion journalist.

Editor-at-large for Vogue Japan, Anna Dello Russo was previously the latest to join Rosewood in its mission to provide its affluent customers with a bevy of recommendations in how to best travel. The brand ambassador has been sharing her insight on the best travel advice, focusing on a favored location of hers, Tuscany, Italy (see more).

Guests of Rosewood Hotel Group’s London property also recently had the chance to snack on bite-sized works of contemporary art during a new afternoon tea service.

Rosewood London unveiled its new Art Afternoon Tea menu, which drew inspiration from five internationally revered artists. The hospitality industry often turns to dining experiences as a way to dispense culture in an interactive, enjoyable way (see more).

“Rosewood Conversations is an extension of our brand’s continued innovation within the digital space,” Mr. Rieder said. “Our goal is to create an online community for our affluential explorers to meaningfully engage in destination content that is constantly updated with fresh new perspectives on global travel trends.”

Article originally published on Luxury Daily. Republished with permission. 

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