The 5 Most Read Articles of February 2017


Tamar Koifman | February 28, 2017

As February 2017 comes to a close, we look back at our most popular articles of the past month. If you didn’t get a chance to read them the first time around, now is your chance.

1. The Digital Transformation of Family-Owned Luxury Brands

Without the force of a major luxury conglomerate behind them, independent and family-owned luxury brands must approach their digital strategy in a more pragmatic way. Victoria Gomelsky lets us in on the inner-workings behind a few such brands.

2. Watches & Jewelry: Analysis & Outlook for 2017

The hard luxury sector is more discretionary and suffered from political uncertainties as well as slowing demand in key markets. Nevertheless the industry will stabilize in 2017, based on positive macro-economic factors and on-the-ground market outlook.

3. As Customers Worship Experiences Over Items, Where is The Brand Opportunity?

The notion of placing more value on experiences over material items is just one of the paramount shifts in consumer behavior recently identified. FC Tech's Elizabeth Canon explains.

4. 6 Questions Every Marketer in China is Asking

Digital Luxury Group and Luxury Society hosted the 2nd edition of the Luxury Society Keynote event in Shanghai. Digital Luxury Group’s experts reveal the 6 key questions Chinese marketers were asking.

5. Learnings from Swarovski's Valentine’s Day Campaign in China

Valentine’s Day is a moment of the year when all things romantic love is celebrated. But not everyone is keen on this holiday, especially if they are single. Swarovski recognized this and put together a “unique” and spirited campaign for its Chinese audience of independent women.