Baidu's Wan (Grace) Zhang shares exclusive numbers on the Chinese Digital Native (aka Post-90's) generation, including their points of interest, behaviors, and data specifically related to luxury goods. We also hear from Zhang about which luxury watch brands are resonating best with China's young generation.


According to an exclusive report by Baidu to Luxury Society Keynote attendees, findings show that millennials are becoming the predominant consumer purchasing group. Wan (Grace) Zhang, General Manager of Baidu in East China, shared more about the current state of “Post 90’s” (those born between 1990 and 2000) individuals including their points of interest and data specifically related to luxury goods.

Cartier was uncovered as a top watch brand among China's digital native generation thanks to its newest ambassador, Lu Han, the well-known singer and actor. Discover more about this key audience for luxury brands and which ones are doing best to reach them in this exclusive video:


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Elsie Zhang

Client Development Director , Digital Luxury Group

Elsie Zhang is the client development director of Digital Luxury Group in China

Philippe Mihailovich 8 months, 1 week ago

Very interesting, thank you. Would you know how I can reach Grace to offer a model I have designed for luxury brand comparisons for Baidu to offer?

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