Top 5 Luxury Fashion Videos: August 2015


Daniela Aroche | October 05, 2015

Which luxury fashion videos sizzled this summer and caught consumer attention? The results are in.

Which luxury fashion videos sizzled this summer and caught consumer attention? The results are in.

Signalling the height of the European summer vacation period, the month of August showed lower activity levels than in July overall, but interestingly, saw higher average interaction rates.

Again, more interactions materialised for Fashion & Beauty brands than for Watches & Jewellery, with dynamic, short and fast paced videos in fashion/beauty, winning out over jewellery and watches clips which take more time for storytelling.

While July videos mostly dealt with women’s fashion and the Fall/Winter 2015/2016 collection, August was marked by the importance of make-up (Dior), perfumes (Chanel) and underwear (Tommy Hilfiger), with male-focused products reigning supreme.

In the popularity stakes overall, Chanel overthrew Louis Vuitton, which fell at the 6th position and now shares the podium with Michael Kors and Burberry.

“ Tommy Hilfiger outperformed in August with more than 2.7M views ”

Tommy Hilfiger performed best with its underwear campaign on YouTube and Instagram, which propelled the brand up the ranking to the 7th place.

Specifically, in terms of views Tommy Hilfiger outperformed in August with more than 2.7M views and 2.6M only generated by the top video.

However, with the first highest interaction rate (9.5%) and the 4th number of views, Hugo Boss published the video with the best combined results, including views and interactions overall.

On Instagram, this month Chanel dominated – thanks to its campaign for the new fragrance Chance, the brand gathered almost a third of the interactions.

The boost saw Chanel finally overtake Christian Dior, whose clout on Instagram has stayed unchallenged for more than half a year.


This month’s top video was issued by Tommy Hilfiger. It gathered more than 2,6M views and a good interaction rate of 1.4% thanks to Rafael Nadal. The tennis player indeed lent his face and body to Tommy Hilfiger underwear. In the locker rooms, the “king of Clay” is ready to (almost) take it all off.

Title: Rafael Nadal for Tommy Hilfiger: it all comes off
Views: 2,627,507
Interaction rate: 1.4%
Duration : 0’31’’


Hugo Boss presented its new perfume for men : BOSS THE SCENT both on Instagram and on YouTube. The long YouTube version of the video achieved the best interaction rate this month. The sensual video features Theo James and Natasha Poly. The Hollywood actor embodies the BOSS hero: confident in his physical presence and unselfconsciously aware of his allure.

Title: BOSS THE SCENT – Official Video with Theo James | HUGO BOSS Perfumes
Views: 92,888
Interaction rate: 9.5%
Duration : 0’31’’


This Dior Addict setting, in partnership with Jennifer Lawrence, is as successful on Instagram as it is on YouTube. The 10-second short YouTube video ranked 2nd per interaction rate. The brand also climbed up one position in the general ranking, especially thanks to its Facebook activity.

Title: Dior Addict, the new lipstick – Teaser
Views: 46,180
Interaction rate: 4.8%
Duration : 0’10’’


Diesel reintroduced its top fragrance Only the Brave, featuring the Australian actor Liam Hemsworth. He embodies the man fighting his fears and forebodings in this short clip, which ranked 2nd per number of views and 4th in the combined ranking.

Title: DIESEL ONLY THE BRAVE, the original fragrance – version courte (Officiel)
Views : 685,445
Interaction rate : 0.1%
Duration: 0’31’’


The best video issued by Chanel makes us discover the latest Chanel eyeshadow collection Les Automnales and other eye make-up products. The brand performed well this month, especially on Instagram, gathering 833,149 interactions, and on YouTube: two videos feature in the top 10. Chanel gained one place in the general ranking, making it to the 1st position in Teads’ luxury popularity mapping.

Views: 30,391
Interaction rate: 0.9%
Duration : 2’01’’

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