Top 5 Luxury Watches & Jewellery Videos: July 2015


Daniela Aroche | September 02, 2015

The summer lull affected video views and interactions for watches & jewellery brands in July, but a few stand-outs still managed to turn heads.

The summer lull affected video views and interactions for watches & jewellery brands in July, but a few stand-outs still managed to turn heads.

Watches & jewellery brands were less active than during the rest of the year, however, their videos were dynamic, mostly based on sports, adventure and travel.

There is a clear trend for brands to be more active on specific channels: while Tiffany & Co, Tag Heuer and Hublot are Instagram super-stars, Rolex, Audemars Piguet and MontBlanc are more active on YouTube.

Audemars Piguet saw the best increase in July’s ranking, especially thanks to its performance on YouTube with 1,781,980 views.

Despite a drop in views and interactions across all brands for the month of July, Audemars Piguet claimed the most successful combined rate for its videos and gathered 94% of share of views with just three videos.

Rolex and Breitling, however, outperform all competitors in terms of interactions with their videos on aviation, golf and tennis.

Rolex in particular scored an outstanding interaction rate of 54.3% with its one-minute long clip celebrating the best moments of the ‘Open Championship’ golf tournaments over the years.

Back to overall rankings, the slow viewing month saw Jaeger-LeCoultre drop to the 17th position again (like in May), despite higher activity in June.

Tiffany & Co, Cartier, Bulgari, Rolex and Swarovski, however, maintained their standing, steadily at the top of the ranking since May 2015.

Looking at Instagram specifically, less than half of the brands were active on the photo-sharing platform this month. As a result the share of interactions are more equally distributed than usual and they are directly related to the number of subscribers.

As a result, Cartier saw its number of interactions decrease from 102K in June to 17K interactions in July, losing the first position.

Despite only 2 publishing videos, Tiffany&Co; took the lead and was the brand which generated the highest number of interactions (77,116) on Instagram alone.

“ Audemars Piguet gathered 94% of share of views with just three videos ”


Audemars Piguet introduces its latest timepiece – as bold and sophisticated as the women who wears it. Chic and rock’n’roll, this video was also acclaimed for its soundtrack: Release by She keeps bees.

Title: The New Hand-Wound Millenary 5201 #APWoman
Views: 1,779,177
Interaction rate: 0.0%
Duration: 1’12’’


Rolex is the main partner of golf tournament The Open Championship. This video is a mash up of golf champions’ best moves from the 1970s onwards and reached an impressive interaction rate.

Title: Memorable Shots At The Open Championship
Views: 7,658
Interaction rate: 54.9%
Duration: 1’07’’


Breitling celebrates the victory of Niguel Lamb at the Red Bull Air Race World Championship 2014 and has the second best interaction rate even if the brand loses ground in matters of share of interactions and number of views.

Title: Welcome To Our World – Breitling
Views: 5,461
Interaction rate: 42.4%
Duration : 2’02’’


MontBlanc’s best-performing video, featuring Hugh Jackmann, is part of a series portraying risk-takers, rule-breakers and innovation seekers,

Title: Montblanc presents: Meet The Modern Trailblazers with Hugh Jackman
Views: 79,110
Interaction rate: 0.0%
Duration: 0’31’’


Tag Heuer gained three positions vs. last month and now ranks 1st on Instagram. It also ranks 2nd per share of Instagram interactions with 16%. The brand describes the making-of of its upcoming campaign in partnership with Cristiano Ronaldo.

__Title: #DontCrackUnderPressure #CR7#Shooting #Behindthescenes#Campaign #Soccer #TAGHeuer
Interactions : 28,221 __

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