Top 5 Luxury Fashion Videos: June 2015


Daniela Aroche | July 30, 2015

The haute-couture cut of Paris Fashion Week may have come to a close, but luxury fashion players are now reaping the results.

The haute-couture cut of Paris Fashion Week may have come to a close, but luxury fashion players are now reaping the results.

Teads has just released its latest Luxury Barometer for the month of June – which saw the start of the Men’s Fashion shows in the French capital – and filtered the most-watched luxury brand videos across YouTube, Instagram and Facebook platforms.

Overall, Michael Kors, Dior and Burberry performed best on Instagram while Coach, Gucci, Bottega Veneta and Chanel ranked best on YouTube.

Interaction rates for brands as a whole were better on Instagram than YouTube, with lifestyle and national heritage content high on the agenda for fashion brands (Burberry showing snapshots of London on Instagram, Prada in Milan).

In the popularity ranks, J. Crew enjoyed the highest growth, followed by Armani. Both saw their popularity rising thanks to a higher number of Instagram subscribers.

Louis Vuitton took up the first position and overshadowed Christian Dior, although the latter remains amongst the best performing brands.

Jimmy Choo and Yves Saint Laurent were the only major decreases over the period, both ranking 4 steps further than the previous month.

Figures on combined views and interactions saw Christian Dior stuck to its leading position in June, reaching over two million views but extremely low interaction rates for its Diorshow make up video, while Louis Vuitton achieved an impressive interaction rate of 10.8% over 375k views.

With the third highest number of views (1.06M) and an interaction rate of 0.2%, Gucci Cruise 2016: A Fashion Story achieves the best combined result between views and interactions.

Videos published in June were shorter than their May counterparts, with only Ermenegildo Zegna surpassing the 5-minute mark within the top 10.

On Instagram-only, Michael Kors stayed well ahead of its competitors for the 3rd month in a row.

In June, however, the brand’s number of interactions was about 84K, thanks to the video Game on—@LuckyMagazine. #WhatsInYourKors that shows several sport wears accessories.

“ Interaction rates for brands as a whole were better on Instagram than YouTube ”


Louis Vuitton’s highlight video from its Men’s Spring 2016 Fashion Show led by artistic Director for Men’s Collections Kim Jones, was a hit.

Title: Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring 2016 Fashion Show Highlights
Duration : 2’12’’
Views: 375,390
Interaction rate: 10.8%
Number of interactions: 40,463


This most popular video offers the opportunity to discover the latest ‘DiorShow mascara for catwalk eyelook’ as well as other eye make-up products. The American model Ondria Hardin lends her face to Dior’s Diorshow cosmetics campaign.

Title: Diorshow – The Film
Duration : 0’42
Views: 2,248,702
Interaction rate: 0.0%
Number of interactions: 511


Coach reached the second highest number of views with over 1 million. This video features Lady Gaga’s puppy, Miss Asia Kinney. The French bulldog-muse has made a charitable donation in honor of all Coach Pups to help dogs in need in finding loving homes like hers.

Title: Coach Presents Miss Asia Kinney In #COACHPUPS
Views : 1,061,096
Interaction rate : 0.0%
Duration: 0’17’’


Thanks to 6,645 interactions, this ad for Chanel’s new fragrance “Eau Vive”, reached the second best interaction rate (4.1%). The playfully glamorous ad features models playing bowling with Chanel perfume bottles under the hashtag #TakeAChance.

Title: Chance Eau Vive – The Film
Views : 161,114
Interaction rate : 4.1%
Duration: 0’31’’


Michael Kors was extremely successful in June, ranking 10th on the YouTube chart and 1st on Instagram, with two very different videos. The brand showed a game between Michael Kors and model Gigi Hadid on YouTube, while continuing the successful hashtag trend #WhatsInYourKors on Instagram.

Title: Game on—@LuckyMagazine. #WhatsInYourKors
Interactions: 84,144
Interaction rate: 1.8%

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