Save the Date: Luxury Society Keynote Shanghai 2020


Lydianne Yap | November 06, 2020

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In this year’s edition of its annual flagship event in Shanghai, Luxury Society will be throwing the spotlight on the new state of commerce in China, and delving into how its fast maturing digital ecosystem can offer new opportunities to brands in the market.

The digital ecosystem in China has been developing in leaps and bounds over the last few years, with an increasing number of international brands establishing or scaling up their digital operations (from social media to e-commerce) in the market. While some of this might have been catalysed by COVID-19 this year, the industry has consistently been observing an upward growth trend.

Now having reached a critical mass, the digital environment in China is far more sophisticated – paving the way for brands to do even more in terms of digital. From scaling up social selling efforts with social CRM and clienteling solutions like WeCom (previously WeChat Work), to evolving their retail and e-commerce operations, the possibilities are endless.

The 2020 edition of Luxury Society’s flagship Keynote series will explore this topic in greater detail. Held at The Sukhothai, Shanghai, on 26 November, the conference will offer insights into the fast-changing digital landscape in China. Confirmed speakers at the event currently include top executives from luxury brands like LVMH and GBMax (Max Mara Group of Brands), KOL Mr. Kira, leading e-commerce service provider Buy Quickly and marketing automation expert JINGdigital. Attendees can expect panel discussions, interviews and keynote speeches discussing the key digital strategies and tactics brands can leverage to stay ahead of the game in China.

Click on the link below to register and discover the full event programme. New speakers will be announced in the coming weeks. For other information and ticketing enquiries, please drop us an email.

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Luxury Society Keynote 2020
The New State of Commerce in China

Thursday, 26 November

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