Keynote 2020 Preview: How Moncler's 'Genius' Strategy Embodies A Brand For Every Generation


Meaghan Corzine | February 19, 2020

Ahead of this year's Luxury Society Keynote, Roberto Eggs, Moncler Chief Marketing & Operating Officer, discusses the latest developments for the brand's "Genius" strategy, a shift toward digital advertising, and coordination as a key ingredient for success.

This year's Luxury Society Keynote in Geneva will gather industry experts and leaders alike to address customer experiences in the era of new luxury. This year's theme will highlight the key strategies being implemented by some of the world's largest and most successful luxury brands. 

Among the impressive panel of speakers is Moncler CMO Roberto Eggs. Eggs was hired by Louis Vuitton in 2009, where he held the role of President for Europe, Middle-East, India and Africa stationed at the headquarters in Paris. In 2015, Eggs joined Moncler as the Chief Operating Officer, soon after becoming Chief Marketing & Operating Officer in 2017.

In anticipation of this year's event, Luxury Society sat down with Eggs to discuss Moncler's recent creative overhaul, a shift toward digital and some of the challenges the luxury brand faced along the way.

Moncler’s “Genius” strategy, launched in 2018, saw the overhaul of slow fashion jolted into monthly collaborations to feed the growing consumer obsession with all things “new.” As one of the key developers of Moncler’s strategy, what inspired you to support and enable this radical undertaking?

The consumer has changed, he or she wants to have a continuous dialogue with brands and to feel part of the story. I have always been fascinated by the evolution of the consumer mindset and expectations and the way a brand remains relevant for the community.

With Genius, Moncler speaks to every generation and to different consumers in an inclusive way and shows the multiple creative facets of our brand with a different angle every month. Monthly collaborations are very powerful because they come together with real editorial plans that are able to generate a compelling storytelling.

While “Genius” accounts for only a small portion of overall revenue, the creative facelift increased Moncler’s marketing expenses by €21 million (about $27 million USD). What were the biggest goals Moncler hoped to achieve by launching the initiative?

The Genius project is a new and innovative way to have dialogue with clients. Every single collaboration has the ambition to create excitement around the brand-- it starts by a teasing phase on social media, every launch is then supported by an event with a key e-tailer partner, celebrity and influencer endorsement, CRM activation and omnichannel sales. The objective is to also maximize brand desirability through limited product availability.

Shifting from seasonal releases to monthly collaborations had to require a great deal of new talent and coordination. What were some of the biggest obstacles Moncler faced and what were the most important strategies that were imposed to make the operation run smoothly?

The launch of Genius was a change in our business model, shortening the product development cycle and integrating all elements of our marketing mix at 360 degrees. It is a cultural change that has sharpened our business model and changed the way we work,making it more cross-functional and increasing the coordination among departments, our agility and the energy level inside the company. Every single department in the company has been involved in a collective effort to make it happen.

As of 2019, Moncler has shifted 80 percent of its media buy toward outdoor and digital advertising, compared to just 40 percent in 2017. What would you say are the most crucial factors to consider when transitioning from traditional advertising to the digital age?

Knowing your consumers and developing relevant messages. Content has become more and more crucial to be able to create interest and excitement around your brand and product on a daily basis. 

Brick-and-mortar retail still holds a great deal of importance for luxury brands like Moncler. How has the shift in strategy affected how the brand approaches retail experiences? What steps were taken to ensure that the brand was coordinated from every level?

Our retail experience is centered around the client and has been developed with our local teams that are in daily contact with our clients. We aligned our recruitment methods, training, incentive schemes, clientele tools and, with Genius, we provided our teams with the content that they need to further reinforce the bond with their clients. In the retail evolution that we see, you need to provide seamless omnichannel service and give more voice to consumers.

Find out more about how brands can better enhance the customer experience in the era of new luxury at the Luxury Society Keynote 2020 in Geneva, in partnership with Facebook and CNN Money Switzerland. Please email us for more information and ticketing enquiries. 

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