[Video] LS Keynote 2019: How To Maintain Exclusivity in Omnichannel Retail


Lydianne Yap | September 30, 2019

Brand Director for LOUIS XIII in Greater China, Cheryl Chong, shares more about how the high-end French cognac brand managed to upkeep its exclusive image while going on e-commerce marketplaces in China.

While some luxury brands continue to grapple with the notion of retailing on Chinese e-commerce marketplaces due to concerns about image and exclusivity, others like LOUIS XIII have already acknowledged the importance of such a move and embraced it wholly. “You have to be where your clients are,” said Cheryl Chong, Brand Director for LOUIS XIII in Greater China, simply.

With online retail sales totaling about USD $1.33 trillion in 2018 – an almost 24 percent increase from the previous year – being present on e-commerce platforms in China is no longer an option but a necessity for brands. While luxury consumers might not actually purchase ultra-high-end products on these platforms, having that form of digital real estate ensures that such products are searchable and discoverable online.  

Chong shared more of her thoughts and opinions on the matter with the Business of Fashion’s Asia Correspondent Casey Hall at the recent Luxury Society Keynote in Shanghai.

Watch the video below for the full interview.

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