[Video] Targeting Millennials in China: A Montblanc Case Study


Lydianne Yap | December 07, 2017

At the third Luxury Society Keynote in Shanghai, Pablo Mauron, Partner and Managing Director China of DLG, shares about how brands can better engage the fastest growing luxury consumer group: Millennials

Typically defined as the generation born between the early 1980s and late 1990s (or 2000), Millennials have been a growing source of concern for marketers in recent years. Besides being the most diverse generation that ever existed, they are also one of the largest – over 300 million of them reside in China and another 75 million are in the US. While that presents great opportunities for brands, challenges abound as these individuals think and shop very differently from previous generations.

In this presentation, Pablo Mauron, Partner and Managing Director of DLG, shares on the work they have done for luxury label Montblanc to better reach Millennials in the digital sphere. Noting that this generation constantly looks to be different, Mauron talks about how brands need to create that feeling of being “hard to get”, and how Montblanc did this with the launch of its first full-fledged smartwatch this year – the Montblanc Summit.

He also touches on how brands need to put forth an authentic image, and should opt for “live” instead of “staged” methods of communication to better connect with Millennials. This is illustrated through Montblanc’s introduction of its new ambassador, Yang Yang. Instead of presenting him to the audience as its new face via a formal statement, the brand got the Chinese actor to make the announcement to his fans personally instead.

Watch the video below for Mauron’s full presentation.

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[LSK 2017] Targeting Millennials in China: A Montblanc Case Study

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