Final Call: T-1 to Luxury Society Keynote 2017


Lydianne Yap | November 28, 2017

Don’t miss out on your last chance to secure a spot at our third (and possibly best) Luxury Society Keynote yet.

Taking place tomorrow, 29 November, at Four Seasons Shanghai in Puxi, the third Luxury Society Keynote in Shanghai will bring together an exclusive group of 120 luxury professionals for an afternoon of presentations and interviews by brands including Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Sina Weibo, Swarovski and Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts. Titled Crossing the Chasm: Bridging the Luxury and Digital Worlds, the conference aims to identify the growing chasms that are forming between brands and their target audiences, and how they can be overcome.

As we count down the hours to Luxury Society Keynote 2017 (and in case you missed it last week), here’s a quick recap of the speakers we have lined up for this year.

Ahead of the conference, we also had a chat with three of the speakers. Here are excerpts from their short interviews to whet your appetite for more:

Elsa Wang, Head of Communications, Swarovski

“Users don't follow brands randomly on WeChat, you only decide to follow a brand when the brand appeals strongly to you or if there is a concrete benefit in doing so. In accordance with that, the expectations of this audience are very different from that of other social media networks.

WeChat gives us a way to reach out to a qualified audience of users that have signed up for such updates, on a weekly basis. That’s already half the battle won when it comes to building loyalty. Once that is done, the key is to constantly ask ourselves whether our content, campaigns and services developed on WeChat bring added value from a customer standpoint. This is obviously a challenge, but that is the beauty of this platform.”

Charly Cai, Senior Key Account Director, Baidu

“For example, luxury brands might be looking to target the younger generation. They might be seeking out a more interactive way to reach them and I think in this era, artificial intelligence can play a huge role. So you are not only waiting for people to find you, but you can also take a step forward and proactively reach out to the target audience. That’s how I see artificial intelligence. It’s not something we should fear as uncontrollable, it’s actually something we can control and in fact, it allows the message and audience to be much more controlled actually – which is better for brands, really. People can have much more control; it’s trackable and transparent and we won’t have any more wasted traffic.”

Pablo Mauron, Partner and Managing Director China, DLG; Associate Publisher, Luxury Society

“Millennials, if we stick to the formal definition, represent the biggest demographic in the world. Honestly, it's hard to put profiles from different markets, cultures and across an age span of 15 to 20 years, in a box. But beyond its broad definition, Millennials are also confounding marketers because they don't respond the same way their predecessors did, to marketing messages. Consequently, their consumption habits are hard to decipher ­– and even harder to influence. Having grown up with the Internet, this is a generation that is sceptical about marketing messages, as authenticity is key to them and as such. Last but not least, this a generation that aspires to be unique and different.”

Seats are filling up fast, with top executives from brands including Montblanc, Carl F. Bucherer, Vacheron Constantin, Piaget, Net-a-Porter, Farfetch, Chopard, Coach, Alexander McQueen, Etam, Benefit, Pomellato, Lacoste, Burberry and Chanel having already confirmed their attendance. Don’t miss out on your chance to be a part of the conversation and get your tickets now.

For those who have already secured their tickets, we look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

P.S. There only 10 seats left, so what are you waiting for?

For more information about the event and ticket purchases, please visit this website. If you have any questions or need more details, do reach us at [email protected].

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