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Sophie Doran | September 11, 2013

We are proud to announce the final listing of speakers, panels and workshops for the second Luxury Society Keynote, produced in association with Bloomberg

We are proud to announce the final listing of speakers, panels and workshops for the second Luxury Society Keynote, produced in association with Bloomberg

Following the success of our inaugural Luxury Society Keynote in London, we are delighted to share full details of our second event in New York City, again in partnership with Bloomberg.

Our first event in the United States will take place on Tuesday October 15, 2013, and will define wealth segments beyond popular buzzwords and examine the role the UHNWIs play in the consumption of luxury goods.

We understand that the time of luxury brand executives is precious, therefore we have put together a succinct afternoon program addressing specific questions, to allow attendees to leave with concrete strategies to apply to their operations.

In a bid to make the event valuable and engaging for delegates, the afternoon will mix panel sessions with interactive workshops, with keynote addresses from those who know ultra high net worth individuals most intimately.

Our attendance is restricted to luxury brand executives only, engineered to facilitate meaningful networking and business opportunities between a qualified audience. Please email [email protected] to request an invitation.

“ How are luxury brands working to locate and target the UHNW consumer? ”

What Defines an UHNW Individual?

Beyond buzzwords, what truly constitutes an ‘Ultra High Net Worth Individual?’ Who are they, where do they live and how much spending power do they yield?

Russ Alan Prince, President, R.A. Prince & Associates

Moderated by Douglas Gollan, Group President, Elite Traveler

How Do You Find UHNW Individuals?

The ultra affluent are notoriously difficult to reach, let alone find. So how are luxury brands working to locate and target the UHNW consumer? Which marketing strategies resonate best with this discerning consumer?

Henri Barguirdjian, President & CEO, Graff Diamonds, Americas
Meredith Dichter, Global Brand Marketing Director, Luxury Collection Hotels
Larry Warsh, Founder, AW Asia
Philip A. White, President, Sotheby’s International Realty

Moderated by Shellie Karabell, Former Director, INSEAD Knowledge

How Well Do You Know the UHNW Individual?

How can luxury brands better understand the UHNWI? Where do they spend? What do they buy? How is this changing? How can luxury brands navigate the diversity of this complex consumer segment?

David Friedman, President, Wealth X

Moderated by Sophie Doran, Editor-in-Chief, Luxury Society

“ What are the most important factors in retaining UHNW clients? ”

How Do You Serve UHNW Individuals?

What do UHNW consumers expect when it comes to service? How are luxury brands working to ensure their loyalty? What are the most important factors in retaining UHNW clients?

Hortense Bernard, General Manager, Millésima USA
Andrea Soriani, Director of Marketing, Maserati
Ricky Sitomer, CEO, Blue Star Jets

Moderated by Sophie Doran, Editor-in-Chief, Luxury Society

Strategies for Attraction & Retention

In a bid to better facilitate collaboration between speakers and delegates during LS Keynote events, we have designed simultaneous workshop sessions, where the plenary will break out into smaller groups. Each group will investigate various marketing and service strategies for UHNWI’s with leading experts in the field.

Engaging UHNW Luxury Consumers with Haute Brand Events
Thomas Serrano, President, Havas Luxe Events

Training Sales Staff to Manage UHNWI Expectations
Hervé de Gouvion Saint-Cyr, Director, Luxury Attitude

Engaging the UHNW Luxury Consumer Online
Rony Zeidan, Director, RO New York

How Do You Inspire UHNW Individuals?

Many UHNW luxury consumers have seen and experienced it all, so how are luxury brands working with innovation to capture their attention? Why is creativity paramount when it comes to developing products and brands for these consumers?

Caroline Brown, President, Carolina Herrera
Maximillian Büsser, Founder, MB+F
Jamie Edmiston, CEO, Linley

Moderated by Ted Moncreiff, Editor-in-Chief, Bloomberg Pursuits

What I Know About UHNW Individuals

As the founder of member’s only Fischer Travel, a full-service lifestyle management company with an activation fee of $100,000, Bill Fischer knows a thing or two about the attitudes and behaviours of UHNW individuals. Here he shares some of his personal insights after over three-decades catering to the wealthiest consumers.

Bill Fischer, Founder & CEO, Fischer Travel

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