Hainan Rendez-Vous & the Chinese Riviera


Nathalie Omori | April 29, 2011

Nathalie Omori, senior partner of Zhenji, examines the effect Hainan Rendez-Vous has had on southern China's Hainan Island, billed as the 'Chinese Riviera'

Nathalie Omori, senior partner of Zhenji, examines the effect Hainan Rendez-Vous has had on southern China’s Hainan Island, billed as the ‘Chinese Riviera’

In two years, following two editions of Hainan Rendez-vous, and significant editorial support, Asian press group Blulnc has created a new Asian Riviera. By Riviera, we mean a magnificent beach location, jam-packed with wealthy people, and perfectly suited to host their yachts and private jets.

Hainan is a small Southern China island paradise. Until now inhabited by regular people. No one could have imagined Hainan as an elite seaside resort. But it’s become the prestigious meeting spot of the Chinese elite.

In 2009, Blulnc General Manager Olivier Burlot goes scouting for a location. He’s surrounded by his responsible for China, and Delphine Ligniere, owner of the Marketing China Rendez Vous agency. Also along is the Chinese president of the Hainan Visun Royal Yacht Club.

Hainan Rendez Vous is developed with the full support and might of the Blulnc press group. Its partners,, and also pitch in. The entire onslaught of the mighty media group is focused on a 3-day mega Asian millionaires party – mostly Chinese – showcasing private jets, yachts, dream real estate, luxury automobiles, jewelery, and high-end horology.

“ by the end of 2010 cash orders placed total 90 million euros, in 2011, 300 million euros change hands ”

By the end of 2010, cash orders placed total 90 million euros. Not even including pending purchase options. From then on, Hainan is primed to welcome these types of clients. The Government decides to make it a tax-free zone. Hotels sprout everywhere. The Mandarin Oriental, Banyan Tree, Ritz Carlton, Narada Resort, Intercontinental, and the Conrad, to name a few. A new tax-free shopping center also emerges. New marinas begin construction.

Hainan Rendez Vous in 2011, from April 2nd to 4th this year, is a total blowout. 300 million euros change hands in a matter of hours. All the VIPs are present, and the large jet and yacht manufacturers answer the call.
Famous industry mavens all want a piece of the action too. You can see them mingling. Like Shen Tong, Vice President, and Mrs. Jin Yuxi, cosmetics brand Yue Sai founder (acquired by L’Oreal). Not to forget Li Hou, owner of Chinese jewelry brand Hiersun.

Hainan and the affluent have all gotten the message. This is the new Chinese Riviera. Home of mega yachts, private jets, and spectacular lanscapes. We’re well beyond a three day yearly bash at this point. In fact, several brands are now present year-round in Sanya, the island’s capital. Their sales numbers are striking, and they sell more large-ticket items there than in either Peking or Shanghai.

Hainan is now the place to be if you happen to be rich and Chinese. You could say Hainan Rendez Vous has certainly won that bet!