Must-See Collaboration Between Missoni and Kenneth Anger


Lucy Archibald | August 02, 2010

Missoni cultivate a new, avant garde image with their Fall 10/11 video campaign

Known for their distinctive, rainbow-hued knitwear and matriarchal heritage, Missoni is a brand brimming with personality which might generally be termed ‘enduring’ rather than ‘hip’. However, their latest video campaign for Fall 10/11, shot by 83 year-old experimental filmmaker, actor and writer Kenneth Anger is nothing if not avant garde and achingly cool. While a ‘lo-fi’ video style which celebrates analogue ‘glitches’ has been a slow-burning trend in music, as a luxury brand Missoni are very much at the cutting edge in presenting this style of video campaign. Fashion label Felder Felder have commissioned a video with a similar psychedelic look and feel from David Dunan, but it is less of a statement from a brand which has been built around a trend-led, ‘hipster’ appeal.

In part this style of video seems like an aesthetic rejection of the sleek, polished perfection of digital, but are Missoni also playing a commercial game and pitching themselves at a younger, more trend-conscious audience? And will it work?