Introducing the Luxury Society Blog


Imran Amed | April 21, 2010

Up-to-the-minute news and analysis meets lateral thinking and carefully curated feature content

21 April 2010

Welcome to the Luxury Society Blog.

Based on feedback from our recent member survey, we are moving from a monthly editorial schedule, to one that is more in-tune with your fast-paced daily work routine. Our new LS Blog is designed to give you more frequent bursts of stimulating analysis, spun from the latest luxury news in our Bulletin and Spotlight profiles of rising stars in our community such as Noam Perski of and Carmen Haid of Atelier-Mayer.

But fear not. The in-depth content that many of you have enjoyed up until now is here to stay. Our blog will continue to feature thought-provoking interviews with Luxury Leaders, such as this month’s chat with Mark Edleson, president and CEO of Alila Hotels and Resorts, as well as rousing columns penned regularly by the LS editorial team.

What’s more, we’ll be unveiling a new series of forward-looking quarterly reports designed to bring the busy luxury executive up to speed on the forces that are reshaping the industry. Our first report, an in-depth look at People and HR issues, is due to be published in July. If you are interested in participating in our survey and interviews on this important topic, please let our editorial team know at: [email protected].

Finally, this month I’d also like to welcome Libby Banks to the fold as Associate Editor, joining Senior Editor Robb Young and me to complement the growing Luxury Society team.

We are all looking forward to your feedback on our revamped content.

Imran Amed