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- 24 Jul 2017 by

Inside the $85billion US Luxury Goods Market: Slow Growth, but Still Leading the Pack

- 20 Mar 2017 by

What Does “Made in America” Luxury Really Look Like?

- 15 Mar 2017 by

China vs. America: The Different Spending Habits of the Wealthy

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Tiffany, Tesla, and Apple Among U.S. Brands That Could be Most Affected by a Trump-Led China Trade War

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USA: Still The Land Of Luxury Opportunity?

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Unveiling American Luxury Shoppers' 2015 Holiday Shopping Habits

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Amazon's Attempted Attack On The American Luxury Market

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Catering To America’s Affluent In 2015

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Another Strong Year For The World's Largest Luxury Market

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Rolex Dominates US Searches For Watches

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Renewed Optimism in the U.S. Luxury Market

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The Travel Habits of America's Affluent