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- 27 Jul 2017 by

Experiential Benefit: Luxury Purchases Beyond Product

- 11 Jul 2017 by

Fashion Brands Moving Toward Direct-to-Consumer Marketing and Commerce

- 19 Jun 2017 by

10 Luxury Brand WeChat Campaigns for Father’s Day

- 16 Jun 2017 by

Affluents Aim to Feel Confident in Their Purchasing Decisions

- 13 Jun 2017 by

4 Findings on the Digital Habits of Chinese Consumers that Luxury Brands Need to Know

- 30 May 2017 by

The End of Lying: The New Transparency in Luxury & Politics

- 26 May 2017 by

Shifting Attitudes Toward Material Goods Consumption Sees the “Good Life” Redefined

- 17 May 2017 by

Key Insights For Luxury Brands on Generation Z

- 02 May 2017 by

What Luxury Executives are Reading in 2017

- 24 Apr 2017 by

New EU Data Legislation: What Luxury Brands Need To Know

- 21 Apr 2017 by

How to Target Luxury Consumers in Three Steps

- 07 Apr 2017 by

Is Technology Displacing Craftsmanship?