• - 25 Nov 2015

    7 Tips On Leveraging Instagram For Luxury


    Instagram may well be the social media weapon of choice for luxury brands – but it won’t make the desired difference unless you know how to wield it. Here, Digital Luxury Group (DLG) provide some pointers.

    Earlier this month, Luxury Society published a revealing Instagram case study through couture brand Elie Saab, showcasing its trajectory to social media stardom as one of the most engaging luxury brands on Instagram.

    Since then, we have received several requests from our Luxury Society members, requesting some more detailed pointers for how luxury brands overall can leverage their Instagram channels to expand their fan-base, increase sales and further promote brand image.

  • - 24 Nov 2015

    Top 5 Ways To Win China Luxury


    Luxury has cast a cautious eye on China lately, wondering if the market will hold up. Added Value says the China luxury market will continue to grow despite concerns, but brands need to innovate – as follows…

    After many years of significant growth the China luxury market has experienced a fundamental shift and noticeable decline in the last couple of years in large part due to the economic slow-down as well as changing consumer dynamics.

    The Chinese authorities have also recently appeared to be trying to limit advertising and purchasing in the luxury category imposing new restrictions on spending public money on extravagant events and luxury items, the receiving of expensive gifts as well as advertising. As a result, some luxury brands have experienced a significant dip in sales during the first half of 2015.

  • - 22 Nov 2015

    Luxury Recap 2015: Past, Present & Future


    As the the end of the year looms, Luxury Society Knowledge Partner Euromonitor provides an exclusive preview of times passed, and what lies ahead for luxury markets on a global scale.

    The luxury industry has flourished for the past 10 years, but the good times have started to stall and brands are now facing a possible power shift from East to West. Nevertheless, at the same time, connectivity is driving new opportunities in digital innovation, with the internet and social media reaching new frontiers.

    Indeed, our latest data reveal that 2015 was yet another challenging year for the luxury goods industry. In particular, the economic instability, social unrest and armed conflict buffeting formerly fast-growing emerging markets have driven up the strategic importance of the developed markets, not to mention the turmoil on the global foreign-exchange markets since late 2014 creating a global currency war for the industry.

  • - 19 Nov 2015
    - by Marc Levey

    The Bare Truth About Luxury Business & Tax


    In the first of an exclusive legal series on Luxury Society, international law firm Baker & McKenzie tackles the latest tax hurdles facing the industry.

    Earlier this year, the Luxury and Fashion practice group of international law firm Baker & McKenzie launched the Global Legal Guide for Luxury and Fashion Companies, the first-ever comprehensive global guide to all legal matters relating to the $254 billion industry.It includes contributions from more than 225 lawyers and economists across its global practices.

    In the first of this ongoing and exclusive series with Luxury Society on luxury legal issues, Baker & McKenzie summarises a detailed chapter, included within the Guide, on the complex tax challenges facing the industry.

  • - 18 Nov 2015

    Experiential Ownership: Luxury’s New Challenge?


    The notion of luxury is shifting from permanent, physical object ‘possession’ to transient, intangible ‘experiential luxury’ – a change which has put luxury’s traditional hierarchy at risk of revolution, writes Wealth-X.

    A common refrain of the past half-decade has been the decline of luxury ‘ownership’ and the rise of luxury ‘experience’. If this is to believed, then we are moving, they say, away from permanent, physical object ‘possession’ and ‘personal luxury goods’ into transient, intangible, service-dominated ‘experiential luxury.’

    The data seems to support the theory. Luxury appears to be evolving into ‘being’ and ‘doing’ than simply ‘having.’ More money is spent on luxury travel, the classic ‘experience’ category, than any other category. Of the $1.8trn spent on luxury between 2013-14, $1trn was spent on ‘services.’ An incredible $460bn was spent on luxury travel adventures such as expeditions to the Antarctic or bespoke safaris. A mere $170bn was spent on personal luxury goods. (Source: BCG).

  • - 17 Nov 2015

    In Conversation With Thomas Flohr, Founder, VistaJet


    Thomas Flohr, founder & chairman of private jet company VistaJet, opens up to Luxury Society about the business of luxury aviation, amidst whispers that global long-term spending on the sector has started to slow.

  • 7359_karlie_2_high_def_thumb

    Is The Definition Of Luxury Changing?

    The definition of luxury has never been a hotter topic. Here, Cream UK CEO Graham Painter cuts through the hype to investigate how much has really changed – if at all.

  • 7395_screen_shot_2015-11-12_at_09

    Optimising Social Media For Luxury: Instagram

    Instagram is a social media network on fire for luxury, but the key to a plum post remains a mystery for most. Here, Luxury Society looks behind the numbers to discover what attracts the eyeballs.

  • 7375_cahnel_prive_2_thumb

    3 Luxury Trends Changing The Game

    Today’s luxury market is undergoing a considerable shift. Here, global luxury marketing agency Cocoon presents the latest trends and which luxury brands are going the extra mile to connect with consumers.