• - 1 Jul 2015

    Building Blocks Of ‘The New Luxury’


    The future of luxury is evolving and very definition of luxury is changing. Here, Jonathan Ford, Founding Creative Partner at Pearlfisher examines the key shifts in play to help brands rethink the concept.

    Our perception of luxury – and what we now expect from luxury products and services – has changed. Once elitist and just accessible to the rich, luxury has now democratised to become the aspiration of millions and is readily accessible to more and more each day.

    Luxury is no longer just about a brand name or solely synonymous with material things. A sense of time, experience and value are intrinsic to enriching today’s luxury offer and should be the building blocks that help us create new definitions of luxury in the future.

    With this shift, the future of luxury has the potential to empower all of us (and not just the elite few) to live fuller, better and more abundant lives.

    Here we outline three key shifts influencing the future of luxury that can help inspire brands and individuals to rethink luxe and empower them to begin designing for good.

  • - 30 Jun 2015

    In Conversation With Michele Norsa, CEO & Group Managing Director, Salvatore Ferragamo


    Michele Norsa, CEO & Group Managing Director of Salvatore Ferragamo talks expansion, opportunity and future growth for the iconic Italian brand.

    It’s no secret that since his appointment to the top job at Salvatore Ferragamo’s namesake company, Michele Norsa has done wonders for the Florence-based business.

    Steeped in a rich, almost Hollywood-esque history of shoemaking for stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn since the 1950s, Ferragamo has always had the hallmarks of luxury and class, but under Norsa’s experienced guidance, the company has moved in leaps and bounds, culminating in its success to the present day.

    As an outsider, brought in to revitalise the company as CEO and Group Managing Director of Salvatore Ferragamo in October 2006, he has made it his mission to not only re-position the company and attract new generations, but also to strategically navigate the expansion of its empire.

  • - 29 Jun 2015

    Luxury SUVs: Fleeting Phase Or Lucrative Opportunity?


    From Tesla to Rolls-Royce, rumours are swirling that a troop of luxury SUVs are on their way in. Here, we go behind the hype to ask the experts about the impact on the bottom line.

    Luxury Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) may not be new, but they are certainly ‘hot’ right now.

    Earlier this month [17th June], Jaguar Land Rover celebrated the 45th birthday of its iconic Range Rover model – “the first luxury SUV in the world”, as the company’s Director Global Engineering Operations Nick Rogers described it.

    It’s latest model, however, is set to become “the most desirable and sophisticated Land Rover ever, mixing peerless comfort with cutting edge technology to provide the ultimate luxury SUV experience”, says Rogers.

    While we can put that down to natural evolution at Jaguar Land Rover, the company is no doubt aware of competitors snapping at its heels and preparing to take on the swathe of super-luxury SUVs which are currently in the making.

  • - 25 Jun 2015

    In Conversation with Jean-Noël Kapferer, Author Of ‘The Luxury Strategy’


    Jean-Noël Kapferer, brand strategist and co-author of ‘The Luxury Strategy’, deciphers some key brand concerns and offers a rare insight into what lies on the horizon for the luxury set.

    As an internationally recognised thought leader on brands and brand management who has, and continues to work with an impressive line-up of global corporations – Jean-Noël Kapferer is certainly living in interesting times.

    It could be argued that never before have markets, currencies, online and offline commerce and consumer buying habits converged to create as fascinating and complex a business environment as companies now have to navigate. But in this arena, Kapferer is king.

  • - 24 Jun 2015

    Is Thailand’s Luxury Market Making A Comeback?


    Despite some political setbacks, Thailand could soon be back on track as Southeast Asia’s largest luxury goods market, explains Fflur Roberts, head of luxury goods at Euromonitor.

    Thailand has Southeast Asia’s largest luxury goods market (ahead of Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines), with total luxury goods expenditure reaching US$2.5 billion in 2014.

    Thanks to low housing costs, Thai consumers enjoyed some of the highest levels of discretionary spending in 2014 as a proportion of total consumer expenditure of all major markets in the region, which helps to fuel luxury spending.

    However, while demand for luxury goods in the Thai market remains positive, the market mechanism has slowed down somewhat in the last year due to unfavourable economic conditions as well as political uncertainty.

  • - 23 Jun 2015

    In Conversation With Mike Flewitt, CEO, McLaren Automotive


    Mike Flewitt, Chief Executive Officer of McLaren Automotive reveals his road to the future for the iconic sports car marque.

    Hailing from an enviable racing heritage that dates back to the 1960s, it would almost be an understatement to say that McLaren is an iconic sportscar marque. Yet, despite the fact that it may share the sportscar tag with other well-known brands such as Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Porsches, McLaren has managed to differentiate itself by staying true to its formula of melding technology, engineering and craftsmanship with a fiery charisma which stems from its raw racing background.

    In its Chief Executive Officer, Mike Flewitt, McLaren has found a veritable match to balance both its legacy and a pure path to its future. Flewitt, who was appointed to the helm in July 2013, following a year’s stint as Chief Operating Officer from June 2012, is what you could undoubtedly call a true automobile aficionado.

    As he says himself: “I’m an engineer come manufacturer, but I love cars. I adore cars. I have all my life.”