• - 6 May 2015

    Agenda: Digital Luxury Keynote, London 2015


    Luxury Society invites you to discuss digital with Chopard, Lexus, Kenzo, St. Regis Hotels, Google, Omega, Agent Provocateur, Watch Anish, Jumeirah Hotels & more…

    As the world’s leading business resource for the luxury industry – digital from day one – the intersection of luxury brands and new technologies is something close to our heart. The digital revolution has allowed Luxury Society to virtually connect over 30,000 luxury executives in 150 countries, and to discuss industry issues daily with more than 60,000 individuals on Twitter.

    The information age has made the world a truly global place, boosting consumer expectations in a time of constant connectivity. It has democratised access to information, forever changing the way that luxury brands interact with their audience. For some, like the oft-referred-to case of Burberry, digital has breathed new life into their brands and become a signature part of their identity.

  • - 5 May 2015

    Targeting the Travelling Chinese Luxury Consumer


    Avery Booker of China Luxury Advisors shares the key insights from The Walpole’s Eastern Growth Summit in London

    Last week, CLA joined other presenters at the prestigious Walpole Eastern Growth Summit in London, where dozens of British brands, tourist destinations, and retailers discussed China’s outbound tourism boom and what it means for the UK. Much like New York, Paris, and Tokyo,

    Throughout last week’s event, three key themes emerged, the first of which being differentiation. For British brands large and small, highlighting history, heritage, and “Britishness” helps them stand apart from the French or Italian brands that have flooded the Chinese market in recent years.

  • - 4 May 2015

    Luxury Brands, Technology & Operational Efficiency


    Senior Business Transformation Leader, Shubho Chatterjee believes that winning enterprises will use technology tactically in all parts of the business

    Technology is indispensable for all businesses today. The winners will continue to use technology strategically and tactically in all parts of the business. In this segment, we will discuss technology broadly from the following perspectives: product life-cycle management- design, demand planning, manufacturing, service; analytics and big data, wearables, and personalization.

    There is a plethora of customer data being generated today: customer web comments; webmail, POS transactions, returns and defects, social media discussions, web searches, and customer letters, among others. Big data and analytics can be very effective in integrating customer intelligence to Marketing, Design, Manufacturing and Supply Chain, and Service. Today’s data silos – Marketing, Operations, Finance, etc. – really need to be integrated into a competitive and strategic asset for a company.

  • - 23 Apr 2015

    Can the Luxury Industry Weather the Storm?


    Rony Zeidan, founder & chief creative officer of RO New York Inc, believes luxury brands should take a moment to breathe in the eye of the storm

    I was busy maneuvering the group safely through the constant storm, and during a stop at a gas station it dawned on me the parallel lines between the Icelandic winter storm, and the every day weather patterns of the luxury industry.

    In the past two years everything shifted in luxury, the Euro dropped, the Chinese economy softened the government imposed rules banning high price gifting within officials, the severe winter weather affected brick and mortar retail, and the digital landscape became so competitive and more challenging in engaging consumers non stop. All the rules suddenly changed, and they remain to do so more frequently than in the past.

  • - 21 Apr 2015

    In Conversation With Aldo Magada, President & CEO, Zenith


    Aldo Magada, President & CEO of Zenith shares his thoughts on currency fluctations, connected devices and the need to be digital in 2015

    The effusive executive started his career at Richemont in the early 1990s, as a Watch & Jewellery Products Manager at Piaget. He later worked with Jean-Claude Biver at Omega, and eventually headed marketing and sales for Ebel. Since this date, he has worked in consultancy and management roles at Gucci, Technomarine, Reuge and Badollet.

    He has been brought to Zenith at a time where the Watch Division of LVMH is relatively small in terms of numbers – just three brands, including TAG Heuer and Hublot – yet represents huge potential. The re-organisation of Watches & Jewellery at LVMH in March 2014 further cemented the group-level belief in the potential of this segment.

  • - 15 Apr 2015

    From Sustainable Luxury to Luxurious Sustainability


    At the 1.618 Sustainable Luxury conference in Paris, major players marked a turning point in the future of luxury, according to Misha Pinkhasov of Nair Safir

    The difference between these two approaches comes down to company culture and brand values, which ultimately determine the depth and sincerity of sustainability initiatives. Is sustainability a response to outside pressure, or is it a driver of creativity and innovation?

    Marie-Claire Daveu, Chief Sustainability Officer at Kering, argued that it is the latter during the fashion roundtable, which played to a packed audience. She echoed the words of Kering’s chairman François-Henri Pinault that sustainability is an obligatory part of quality, which luxury brands brandish as their differentiator from the mass market.