• - 13 Oct 2015

    Do Chinese Female Travellers Hold The Key To Luxury Hotel Growth?


    Luxury hotels are facing fierce competition, but could be overlooking a lucrative segment in affluent and independent Chinese female travellers, write Panos Dimitropoulos, Account Director of Cultural Insight & Sam Woollard, Client Development Director, of global marketing consultancy Added Value.

    The travel industry is one of the emerging growth powerhouses in China where double-digit growth rates are disappearing from many sectors. According to China National Tourism Administration, Chinese people made 2.02 billion trips in the first half of this year, 9.9% higher than a year ago.

    Travel-related consumption hit 1.65 trillion yuan, 14.5% higher than a year ago and 4.1% higher than retail sales growth, the administration said. According to their calculations, 61.9 million Chinese people travelled overseas in the first half of the year, 16.11% higher than a year ago.

    Yet, despite the growth that the travel industry has seen, the competitive environment for hotel brands has never been so tough. Within the next four years it is predicted that around 60-70% of hotels within the Asia Pacific region will have experienced a significant increase in the number of Chinese tourists. New hotels are entering the China market at an alarming rate and brands are now realising the importance of successfully positioning themselves for growth.

  • - 12 Oct 2015

    Luxury Fashion & The Great Fur Debate


    Paris Fashion Week might be over, but the buzz over the use of fur and animal skins in luxury fashion is just warming up. Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein, Simone Rocha, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ralph Lauren, are just some of the luxury fashion designers that already shun fur, whilst Hugo Boss recently pledged to be “fur free” by the end of next year. The recent Hermes Birkin Bag furore has added fuel to the fire and the discussion is back in the spotlight. Here, Positive Luxury CEO Diana Verde Nieto takes a closer look at the debate.

    Owning a fur coat was once considered the highest of luxuries. Glamorous, sensual and expensive, fur meant business. In post-war Britain, an estimated two in three women owned an item made from fur, even if most could only dream of owning a full coat.

    By the 1950s, fur sales were already suffering from the effects of changing fashion and better central heating. Thirty years later, they took a more dramatic dive following direct action in the UK by the newly-formed and uncompromisingly militant Animal Liberation Front and shocking campaigns from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

  • - 7 Oct 2015

    Decoding Asia’s Era of Young Millionaires


    Taking a closer look at the coveted millionaire set, Agility Research & Strategy reveals insights from its freshly published HNWI Report on their appetite for luxury, as featured on the BBC’s Asia Business Report.

    In 2015, the High Net-Worth Individual (HNWI) population of the Asia Pacific region surpassed that of North America. With Mainland China growing in wealth, and the US still dominating HNWI populations at a country level, these two markets will be an important target for premium brands and services over the coming years.

    However, while HNWIs are different from their mass affluent fellow citizens, they also display unique characteristics when compared to their wealthy counterparts from across the Pacific. These differences play a significant role in the development of marketing plans for premium goods and services.

    This is why winning brands should value the importance of identifying key differences across HNWIs from the US and key markets in Asia.

  • - 6 Oct 2015

    5 Top Tech Innovations Of London Fashion Week 2015


    While Paris Fashion Week continues in full swing, event company Decoded Fashion takes a look back at the luxury fashion brands that stole the show with digital innovations at last month’s London Fashion Week.

    It’s time to say “ta-ta” to the newly housed LFW! London Fashion Week felt refreshed in its new Soho location, with another wave of brands ensuring tech was embraced in the British fashion capital. So, who was killing it in the digital stakes this season?

    Given its track record of using tech to its advantage, it was little surprise that Burberry became the first brand to showcase its latest collection on Snapchat. Ahead of its S/S 16 show on Monday, the brand launched a featured Snapchat story that gave fans a preview of the collection on the app before it hit the runway, plus a look backstage.

  • - 5 Oct 2015

    Top 5 Luxury Fashion Videos: August 2015


    Which luxury fashion videos sizzled this summer and caught consumer attention? The results are in.

    Signalling the height of the European summer vacation period, the month of August showed lower activity levels than in July overall, but interestingly, saw higher average interaction rates.

    Again, more interactions materialised for Fashion & Beauty brands than for Watches & Jewellery, with dynamic, short and fast paced videos in fashion/beauty, winning out over jewellery and watches clips which take more time for storytelling.

  • - 1 Oct 2015

    How Luxury Brands Are Leveraging The New Influencers


    Meet the new influencers. They are the social media stars, the taste-makers, the judge and the jury. Here, we look at how luxury brands are increasingly leveraging them for millennial appeal.

    Last week, Luxury Society published a revealing insight into the future of advertising, tackling the options and challenges faced by luxury brands as they move into the digital era.

    However, while new formats of traditional advertising are shifting marketing mixes on a global scale, another emerging trend is rapidly sweeping the industry with no signs of slowing down.

    Enter the new influencers. Once celebrities, ‘It Girls’ and socialites, it is now key opinion leaders (KOLs) or experts in their field, and of course – the ever-increasing band of bloggers, who have taken over as the unequivocal voice of the next generation.

  • 7274_fur_cropped_thumb

    Luxury Fashion & The Great Fur Debate

    Paris Fashion Week might be over, but the buzz over the use of fur and animal skins in luxury fashion is just warming up, with the recent Hermes Birkin Bag furore adding fuel to the fire. Here, Positive Luxury takes a closer look at the debate.

  • 7248_blogger_cropped_thumb

    How Luxury Brands Are Leveraging The New Influencers

    Meet the new influencers. They are the social media stars, the taste-makers, the judge and the jury. Here, we look at how luxury brands are increasingly leveraging them for millennial appeal.

  • 7234_target_designer_collab_1_-_peter_pillot_thumb

    Female Millennials Reveal Unlikely Brand Love

    The affluent millennial set is a force on the rise, with surprising tastes that are altering the very definition of luxury. Brands need to tune in to adapt and attract their attention, as Leah Swartz of FutureCast explains.