• - 28 Apr 2016

    In Conversation With Anthony Lassman, Co-Founder, Nota Bene


    Seasoned travel connoisseur Anthony Lassman is the co-founder of a travel and lifestyle management company that offers UHNWIs an escape from the ordinary. Here, he talks exclusively with Luxury Society about what constitutes true luxury.

    Standing to greet me as I shuffle into the dim-lit bar of the impressionable establishment that is The Bristol Hotel in Paris, Anthony Lassman cuts an immaculate and eloquent figure in a sharp, tailored navy suit a tie.

    To say he exudes the air of the perfect gentleman upon meeting would be an understatement. Despite my late arrival due to an infamous Paris traffic jam, Lassman is courteous, articulate and engaging as he begins to unravel the origins behind the inspirational company he has built with his wife Elaine.

  • - 27 Apr 2016

    4 Luxury Brands Successfully Enhancing The Customer Journey


    Luxury and what attracts consumers to it is changing, so re-imagining the customer journey is essential Here, Luxury Society Knowledge Partner and marketing agency Cocoon spotlights some brands doing just that.

    Consumer expectations are evolving alongside technology, and as a result the customer journey is shifting too.

    High-net-worth individuals are increasingly looking for richer shopping experiences that are both convenient and effortless – taking into account that they are increasingly time poor. As a result, luxury brands are turning to new ways to engage and capture attention. Whether that’s through influencing technology or leveraging partnerships and platforms, the opportunities are huge.

    Here we look at some of the recent trends and brands innovating this month.

  • - 22 Apr 2016

    EXCLUSIVE: The Gentleman Blogger x IWC


    The Gentleman Blogger founder Matthew Zorpas opens up about the exclusive partnership he has just signed with luxury watch brand IWC and shares the first images from the fresh campaign.

    Earlier this week, luxury watch brand IWC announced that it had signed a first-ever ambassadorship contract with new influencer and The Gentleman Blogger founder Matthew Zorpas.

    The tie-up marks a new chapter in the changing marketing and digital landscape and is set to send ripples through the watch industry.

    Here, while the ink dries on the impressive deal, Zorpas talks to Luxury Society about the collaboration, the importance of long-term brand projects to foster credibility, authenticity and sales – and why he chose IWC as his creative ‘partner in crime’.

  • - 19 Apr 2016

    Trail Blazers: Entrepreneurialism & The Affluent Millennial Population


    The millennials are set to rule more than just luxury consumption – they are also on track to take innovation and wealth creation to the next level, predicts Futurecast.

    Watch out, world. Us millennials are taking over.

    Today, some of the greatest and most profitable businesses are owned or operated by decision makers younger than 35. Why are these young adults gaining such a major influence in our economy as the CEOs and leaders of the major brands? Millennials have the entrepreneurial bug.

  • - 18 Apr 2016

    Luxury Fashion & The Importance Of Intellectual Property


    Global law firm Baker & McKenzie on the basics of identifying, protecting and monetising intellectual property (IP) assets and why luxury fashion players in particular need to remain alert and informed.

    Last year, the Luxury and Fashion practice group of international law firm Baker & McKenzie launched the Global Legal Guide for Luxury and Fashion Companies, the first-ever comprehensive global guide to all legal matters relating to the $254 billion industry. It includes contributions from more than 225 lawyers and economists across its global practices.

    In the fourth instalment of this ongoing and exclusive series with Luxury Society on luxury legal issues, Baker & McKenzie summarises a detailed chapter, included within the Guide, explaining the intricacies of intellectual property in the context of luxury fashion.

  • - 15 Apr 2016

    Emerging Markets: Unravelling The Indian Maze


    In the final of a three-part series, Abhay Gupta, Founder & CEO of Luxury Connect and Luxury Connect Business School, dissects the challenges and opportunities for luxury growth in India.

    As in every market – India also has its pros and cons when it comes to tapping the lucrative luxury set – but identifying and analysing the barriers to then capitalise on the opportunities that arise will be key to successful penetration in the market.

    The conclusion to this three-part, detailed overview Indian market overview aims to do just that.

  • 7824_india_cropped_thumb

    Emerging Luxury Markets: Is India The Best Of BRICS?

    As China continues to lose its luster, many brands are back to the drawing board to identify the new hotspot for luxury – and India is a strong contender. Abhay Gupta explores its merits in the first of this three-part series.

  • 7834_india_smart_cropped_thumb

    Emerging Luxury Markets: India's Ripe Retail Market

    In the second of a three-part series, Abhay Gupta, Founder & CEO of Luxury Connect and Luxury Connect Business School, delivers a detailed overview of India’s lucrative retail market and digital aspirations.

  • 7817_calc_cropped_thumb

    Opinion: Is Your Marketing Budget Killing Your Brand?

    There’s been a marketing frenzy of late – and if not managed properly, the backlash could seriously damage your brand – writes Lesley Everett, Author of the newly-published ‘Corporate Brand Personality’.