• - 18 Mar 2015

    Consumers Are Looking For Smartwatches From Their Favorite Luxury Brands


    On the occasion of Baselworld, Digital Luxury Group shares the five key highlights from the latest WorldWatchReport™

    From 2013 to 2014, consumer interest grew by 10%. Asia now accounts for 68% of the global growth of interest, with China still leading the growth (+14% Y/Y). Interest for luxury watch brands increased in all the markets except Brazil, Hong Kong and Thailand.

    “Despite the turbulence of the past months – the increase of the Swiss Franc, rumours of overstock and the announcement of the Apple Watch – worldwide consumer interest for luxury watches keeps growing,” explains David Sadigh, Founder & CEO at Digital Luxury Group.

  • - 10 Mar 2015

    What Luxury Brands Should Learn From The 2015 Wealth Report


    Where do the world’s ultra-wealthy live, travel and send their children to be educated? Here we reveal the key insights from Knight Frank’s 2015 Wealth Report

    Despite economic headwinds, Ultra High Net Worth wealth continues to rise. Knight Frank estimates that there are 172,850 UHNW individuals globally, representing a 3% increase in the number from 2013 to 2014. Over the same period, according to wealth advisors, 82% of UHNWI’s surveyed had increased their wealth during 2014, with only 3% reporting a fall. 80% of survey respondents expect their clients’ wealth to grow further in 2015.

  • - 5 Mar 2015

    The Swiss Franc Failed To Dampen Spirits at SIHH


    Fabienne Lupo, President of the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie, confirms that growth opportunities remain for Haute Horlogerie in 2015

    Four days before the 2015 Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie opened in Geneva, the Swiss National Bank abruptly removed an exchange rate ceiling it had placed against the struggling Euro. In just a few short days, the Swiss Franc increased in value by over 20% against the Euro and over 15% against the dollar.

    The question for watchmakers was one of pricing. As the value of the Swiss Franc continued to mount, the cost of export to Eurozone markets and the United States inevitably also rose, calling into question pricing strategies set for debut on the 19th January at the fair. Who would absorb the increase? The customer? Or the margin?

  • - 2 Mar 2015

    The 10 Most Googled Luxury Industry Executives of 2014


    Digital Luxury Group & Luxury Society identified the 10-most-searched-for Luxury Leaders of 2014

    Consider for one moment, the impact that one sole individual has had on the luxury industry, Monsieur Bernard Arnault. Whether one chooses to admire or admonish his aggressive approach, his influence is undeniable. He has effectively revolutionised the way that luxury brands are organised, marketed and sold, and the way in which luxury is understood.

    Most of all he has created ‘star’ executives, just as he did ‘star’ designers and ‘star’ brands. These senior executives sit front row at fashion shows, nestled between industry heavyweights and celebrities, eventually moving from brand to brand in a dizzying display of executive musical chairs.

  • - 24 Feb 2015

    Can Spain Compete With France For Chinese Tourists?


    Long overshadowed as an aspirational destination by neighbouring France, Spain is finally coming into its own according to Avery Booker of China Luxury Advisors

    Although Spain’s 288,000 mainland Chinese visits last year were a drop in the bucket compared to France’s 2 million, Spain did see an impressive 14 percent leap year-on-year in 2014. More importantly for Spanish retailers, Chinese tourists have become the biggest foreign spenders in Spain, supplanting Russians for the first time ever last year and accounting for nearly one third of total tourist revenue.

    This is obviously good news for luxury brands and retailers, but is Spain really ready for this rising tide of Chinese visitors? In recent years, many brands have added Mandarin-speaking staff to Madrid boutiques and “starter-level” measures like Chinese-language signage and printouts.

  • - 23 Feb 2015

    There Are More UHNWI's in California Than In Russia


    As luxury spending by Russian consumers hits a definitive dip, pockets of North America continue to amass unexpected wealth

    A recent article by The Moscow Times reported that “spending by Russian tourists abroad has plunged, diving 51 percent in January after falling 44 percent in December because of the ruble’s freefall.” The report cited figures released by tax-refund company Global Blue.

    On its website, the news outlet noted luxury marketers are battling “crippled demand from Russians for luxury goods, and many labels are growing concerned the trend could last, with no end in sight for the conflict in Ukraine.”


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