• - 18 Apr 2014

    Weibo’s Decline Demands Digital Rethink for Luxury Brands in China

    Avery Booker, Partner at China Luxury Advisors, explains why Weibo’s lessening influence may not necessarily a bad thing for luxury brands

    Establishing itself in recent years as the de facto digital platform for international brands hoping to tap the Chinese luxury consumer, Sina Weibo – like the mainland China luxury market itself – hit the skids in 2013, losing an estimated 28 million users.

    Although many observers have placed the blame primarily on heavier-handed censorship, in reality Weibo’s decline can be attributed to censorship along with combination of factors, from a tidal wave of spam, to paid-off “key opinion leaders,” to the fact that there are, finally, useful alternatives in China.

    Although it still boasts hundreds of millions of registered users, making its decline relative rather than absolute, recent reports suggest that only around 10 percent of registered Sina Weibo users are active. This just goes to reinforce the fact that Weibo is simply becoming the worst possible thing it could be in China: boring.

  • - 15 Apr 2014

    Luxury Society Joins Digital Luxury Group

    The new combined organisation will provide luxury brands with unique industry intelligence, digital agency services, up-to-the-minute news and high quality BtoB events

    We are writing to you today to share the exciting news that Luxury Society has been acquired by Digital Luxury Group, a Geneva based provider of brand intelligence and bespoke digital marketing services.

    We have been partnering with Digital Luxury Group for many years, jointly producing the World Luxury Index™. Their unique brand intelligence technologies combined with their international presence and strong client portfolio makes them one of the hottest companies in our growing industry.

  • - 9 Apr 2014

    Rethinking Rarity In Haute Horlogerie: Greubel Forsey


    Stephen Forsey, co-founder of Greubel Forsey, takes us behind the scenes of the La Chaux-de-Fonds atelier producing just 100 timepieces each year

    It’s not to say the industry has lost its way, it has simply changed and adapted to rampant interest and demand. But what this democratisation of the market has made room for, is a handful of exceptional brands at the top of the pyramid, returning to the core pillars of luxury; a luxury position that is simply a by-product on the quest for excellence.

    Greubel Forsey is one such ‘luxury’ brand, which co-founder and watchmaker Stephen Forsey will tell you, isn’t necessarily the intention. “In terms of what Robert and myself set out to do, we didn’t label it as luxury,” he begins. “As watchmakers we had a very good technical background and sound experience of some of the long history of watchmaking. But we also felt there was plenty of room to move forward and explore new ideas.”

  • - 2 Apr 2014

    6 Must-Know Insights From CEO's At Baselworld 2014


    How do luxury watch CEO’s really feel about the so-called slowdown in China? Will we be seeing more complicated watches for women? And what about eCommerce?

    As Baselworld 2014 opened to literally thousands of visitors, we were lucky enough to interview a handful of the industry’s most influential CEO’s, to discuss not only their newest products but also their thoughts on Swiss watchmaking in the future.

    As we interviewed these executives, all in command of various independent and conglomerate owned brands, across all kinds of price positions and segments, it was interesting to note the below key similarities. We look forward to sharing the full interview with each Luxury Leader in the coming weeks, but hope you will enjoy the below summary based on our discussions.

  • - 28 Mar 2014

    Mexico Is Latin America's Biggest Luxury Goods Market


    Latin America’s second-biggest economy is experiencing a luxury boom, at the hands of a young, affluent middle-class ready to spend

    In 2012, Mexico overtook Brazil to become Latin America’s biggest luxury goods market, according to Euromonitor. With a total GDP of $1.2 trillion in 2012, Mexico is the world’s fifth-largest emerging economy behind the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and the second-largest in Latin America.

    The region’s second-biggest economy saw a 4.7% jump to $685m in designer clothing and footwear, while the luxury accessories category saw sales increase 3.5% to $294.3m, according to Euromonitor. In 2012 Brazil’s luxury goods market was valued at $7bn, as Mexico’s stood at $1.5bn, after growing more than 15% in just one year.

  • - 26 Mar 2014

    5 Key Insights from The 2014 WorldWatchReport


    For the 10th consecutive year, Digital Luxury Group releases the WorldWatchReport™, tracking global consumer interest in the timepiece sector

    “Our outlook for the Swiss luxury watch industry remains strong”, explains Digital Luxury Group, founder & CEO, David Sadigh. “Consumers from around the world are more and more falling in love with fine watches, especially women. The segment currently represents the largest untapped opportunity, both in Asia and the Americas.”

    In a tracking of 62 renowned timepiece brands online, Rolex was the most-searched-for on a global scale, followed by Omega, Tag Heuer, Cartier, Breitling, Patek Philippe, Longines, IWC, Rado and Hublot. At conglomerate level, interest in Richemont’s brands grew the fastest, increasing by 13.08%, followed by Rolex (12.02%) and Swatch Group (5.87%). Interest in privately owned brands online increased by just 1.49%, as LVMH Watch brands experienced a decline of 5.43%.

  • Luxury Society Joins Digital Luxury Group

    The new combined organisation will provide luxury brands with unique industry intelligence, digital agency services, up-to-the-minute news and high quality BtoB events


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