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- 24 Mar 2016
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4 Top Watch & Jewellery Trends Shaping The Luxury Landscape


As Baselworld 2016 draws to a close, Luxury Society Knowledge Partner and marketing agency Cocoon spotlights the latest trends sweeping the watch sector and the brands who are ahead of the curve.

What do consumers want from a watch? This is the big question keeping the largest watch and jewellery brands on their toes. And with an increasing demand for watches that offer more than just telling the time, there’s definitely a debate to be had.

The threat from Apple and the fact that it was the most searched for watch in 2015 has forced brands to react. Traditional watchmakers have been investing millions behind new proprietary tech, with brands such as Bulgari, Tag Heuer and Montblanc all launching smartwatches over the past year. And with the recent partnership of Mastercard and WISeKey, the functionality of luxury smartwatches, including Bulgari and Hublot, are set to increase even further with the introduction of contactless payments.

 What better way to immerse consumers with your brand than to collaborate with a luxurious hotel? 

It’s clear that times are changing. So how can brands grab the attention of the ever elusive consumer? And which brands are leading the way with innovation? As the colossal Baselworld draws to a close, we taken a look at some of the latest brand moments from the world of watches and jewellery.

Immersive Experiences – Hublot

We’ve become more accustomed to the notion that consumer spending is shifting, often valuing experiences over product. Millennials are certainly leading the way, with 72% planning to increase their spending on experiences that provide a lasting impression.

So what better way to immerse consumers with your brand than to collaborate with a luxurious hotel? After all, high fashion and luxury hoteliers have always had a connection, from Versace’s high-end hotel collection to Fendi’s recently designed apartments in Rome.


Hublot is another brand doing just that, through its recent partnership with the Giardino five-star superior hotel in in Zürich. Guests can fully immerse themselves in the Hublot lifestyle in a suite designed by the watch manufacturer. Along with the expected time-pieces on display, there are subtler hints, such as black smoked mirror panels and touches of aluminium which echo the Hublot brand.

Personalisation & Customisation – Jaeger-LeCoultre

Jaeger-LeCoultre is bringing its offering back to what luxury stands for; personalisation and exclusivity.

The brand has refined its range, creating an exclusive collection that includes a limited edition of its Hybris Mechanical time-piece.


In addition to the simplified range, the brand has launched a personalisation concept featuring the luxury shoemaker Christian Louboutin. Consumers will be able to choose from 180 dial and strap options, which will be refreshed every year.

Behind the Brand – Tiffany & Co

Tiffany & Co. have opened its doors to camera crews to create its big screen debut with the release of “Crazy About Tiffany’s”- a documentary that explores the brand’s heritage and international success. Directed by Matthew Miele, the documentary reveals how Charles Lewis Tiffany developed the brand following its creation in 1837, followed by the pivotal moments in its history.

A trailer for the film features celebrities such as Katie Couric and Jessica Biel speaking about their relationship and fixation with the brand. The documentary allows consumers to learn more about the brand which will certainly appeal to the large number of Tiffany & Co loyalists.

Leveraging Social Media & The New Influencers – Gucci

Gucci recently announced Florence Welch as its new ambassador for watches and jewellery. The news came at a press conference in L.A., five days before the English superstar and the lead of Florence & the Machine attended the Grammy Awards ceremony adorned in Gucci. At the event, Ms Welch unveiled Gucci’s latest timepiece – the vibrant G-Timeless automatic, featuring decorative bees, a heart and stars.

An image of Ms. Welch wearing the Gucci gown on the red carpet caught the attention of fans on Twitter, resulting in thousands of new Instagram followers for the brand during the event alone.


Twitter is an effective way of leveraging ambassadors to reach a wider audience – with other luxury brands such as TAG Heuer doing a great job of tagging key ambassadors to successfully further their reach and connect with consumers.

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Charlotte Wooding is the Marketing Manager at Cocoon. Cocoon is a global luxury marketing agency that creates limitless experiences for luxury brands that have a desire to create highly personal and connected experiences for their customers. The company brings together strategists, data experts, UX specialists, technologist and content creators to map communications and programs across customer journeys to tell powerful brand stories.

Cocoon is an official Luxury Society Knowledge Partner.