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- 15 Sep 2015
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4 Latest Luxury Brand Experiences: Chanel, Burberry, YSL


Customised service and out-of-the-box experiences which excite are the future of luxury. These are some of the brands leading the way with innovation this month.

What are the successful luxury brands doing to connect with consumers at a personal level? And why are people – particularly Millennials – looking for brands to offer much more than the physical goods themselves?

These are the big questions that companies are having to ask right now, for fear of getting caught left behind.

We’ve taken a look at a few recent examples where brands have taken initiative in this space, and innovated smartly to enhance the relationships they hold with their customers.

 Wealthy consumers have high expectations when it comes to the retail experience 

Heightened Exclusivity – YSL


Luxury brands are more accessible than ever. Today’s high-net-worth individuals are pursuing that extra level of service and access to maintain their connection with a luxury brand.

Take Saint Laurent Paris for example. The French fashion label is amplifying its exclusivity even further by creating a unique couture line for its most elite shopper. The one-of-a-kind garments will be created by YSL’s Creative Director, Hedi Slimane, who will produce the handmade items only for people he approves of and friends of the house. That’s taking the exclusivity of couture to another level.

Fashionable Food – Burberry


Wealthy consumers have high expectations when it comes to the retail experience – whether it’s a champagne private viewing or an appointment with a personal shopper. So why stop there?

We’re seeing more and more luxury brands offering a complete retail experience by opening up in-store eateries. After all, a luxurious bite to eat after a day of shopping does go hand-in-hand. And with nearly 90% of High-Net-Worth purchases still taking place in-store, it’s an opportunity not to be missed.

A brand doing just that is Burberry, which has recently opened it’s ‘Thomas’ café inside it’s Regent Street store.

Earlier this week, the British luxury leader also became the first luxury brand to launch an Apple Music channel.

Social Access Points – Michael Kors


Social networking habits of Millennials are forcing luxury brands to reconsider the way they connect and inspire the next generation of big spenders.

Michael Kors is tapping into this market for its consumers in Asia via its new social media application WeChat. Designed to combine both online and offline, the app offers digital customer service that can be used at home and in-store – delivering a fully customised experience.

Taking A Chance With Instagram – Chanel


Chanel is using the sharing power of Instagram in a new marketing effort for its Chance fragrance collection. The brand has created 12 GIFs representing the astrological signs, with each featuring various zodiac signifiers surrounding a bottle of Chance.

By asking consumers what astrological sign they are through the #TakeYourChance hashtag, Chanel can serve up the GIF that’s directly related to then. The campaign cleverly connects to consumers on a personal level, and is especially relevant to the young aspirational demographic.

Additionally, many consumers, especially those in Asia, rely heavily on their signs to predict life events, which further enhances the relationship between them and the scent.

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Charlotte Wooding is the Marketing Manager at Cocoon. Cocoon is a global luxury marketing agency that creates limitless experiences for luxury brands that have a desire to create highly personal and connected experiences for their customers. The company brings together strategists, data experts, UX specialists, technologist and content creators to map communications and programs across customer journeys to tell powerful brand stories.