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- 25 Aug 2015
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The Luxury Snapshot: Footwear & Accessories Winners


Data mining and analytics firm EDITD reveals the season’s biggest wins, in-house and market wide for luxury houses across the UK and US.

With the Spring/Summer 2015 season coming to a close, a period of self-evaluation looms ahead for luxury’s top houses as they begin to look back at the season’s successes.

Though the season hasn’t officially ended, the largest period of activity is now behind us and the top performing trends are unlikely to change before the window closes for good. Taking this into account, EDITD has provided current market data that highlights some of the season’s best performing trends and products in luxury accessories and footwear.

Overall, 98,466 full-priced women’s accessories arrived on the market from February 1 to June 20 with Farfetch, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman and Net-a-Porter carrying the bulk of them across the US and UK.

A big number, yes, but a study of 27 key luxury retailers shows their accessories offering shrunk 2.3% for Spring 2015 compared to 2014. An anomaly considering the trend among retailers has been to increase online offerings in all departments.

At that selection of retailers, which includes Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Net-a-Porter, Barneys and Harrods, Marc by Marc Jacobs retained the most stocked women’s accessory brand for Spring 2015. The number two spot saw Saint Laurent usurp Prada, while Alexander McQueen and Givenchy remained in spots three and four respectively. Most active was Chloé, leaping ahead two spots to finish fifth in total offering.

As far as percent of total offering, here’s how luxury women’s accessories broke down in the US and UK:


With all of the above in mind, let’s take a look at some specific trends that have been especially lucrative for luxury brands and retailers in these spring and summer months so far.

 This summer in luxury will be remembered as the summer of metal, and metallic detailing 

This summer may be remembered as many things, but in luxury, it will be remembered as the summer of metal, and metallic detailing.


With a median price of $1,498, 23% of SS15’s best selling handbags featured metallic detailing in the form of studs, chains or charms. Leading the way was Valentino with the most metal-enhanced handbag sell outs across the US and UK.

Spring ‘15 was a great season for fringing in general. But on bags, it was a dominant trend. Slightly more popular in the UK, with 59% of sell outs happening within its borders, the trend was especially good for Saint Laurent. The French label accounted for 31% of all luxury fringed bag sells outs in the US and UK.

While black and brown retained the top color spots as usual, pink was the surprising third place finisher. Rising to 9% of all luxury handbag sell outs – compared to 5.6% during the same period in 2014. Pay attention to pink.

 Cat eye sunglasses made up 16% of luxury’s best sellers 


These throwback frames accounted for more 15% of all luxury sunglasses sell outs in SS15. More interesting even was the growth in the US market. Accounting for 28.8% of sellouts in SS14, this year that number jumped to 41.1%.

Cat Eyes
With an average of 42 days until first sell out, cat eye sunglasses made up 16% of luxury’s best sellers. while these frames consistently put in strong performances, this year sales favored bolder interpretations like those seen at Fendi.



Leather Wrap Bracelets
Bracelets made up 28% of all luxury accessory sell outs for SS15, and leather wrap bracelets detailed with studs or charms were a major driving force that brought in about a quarter of those sales. This metal-embracing subsection accounted for 23% of all bracelet sell outs.

 Sandals made up 28% of all luxury footwear sells outs this season 


Studded and Metal Detailing *
Not limited to handbags, this type of shoe accounted for 20% of all SS15 luxury footwear sells outs in the US and UK. Footwear in this category was, on average, replenished 43 days after the initial drop.

Gladiator Sandals
Sandals made up 28% of all luxury footwear sells outs this season which, considering the time of year, makes sense. More interesting is that 11% of those sandal sells outs came out of the gladiator trend.

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EDITD is the world leader in real-time market data and analytics for the fashion and apparel industry. Their retail technology helps retailers like Farfetch and Saks Fifth Avenue, plus a long list of luxury brands, have the right products, at the right price, at the right time. Getting this right is how all the value is created or lost in the apparel business, so EDITD is used by buying, merchandising and trading teams to generate a huge competitive advantage.