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- 15 Apr 2014
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Luxury Society Joins Digital Luxury Group


Dear Members,

We are writing to you today to share the exciting news that Luxury Society has been acquired by Digital Luxury Group, a Geneva based provider of brand intelligence and bespoke digital marketing services.

We have been partnering with Digital Luxury Group for many years, jointly producing the World Luxury Index™. Their unique brand intelligence technologies combined with their international presence and strong client portfolio makes them one of the hottest companies in our growing industry.

The new combined organisation will provide luxury brands with unique industry intelligence, digital agency services, up-to-the-minute news and high quality BtoB events.

Leveraging their proprietary research capabilities, alongside our extensive industry news reporting and analysis, together we believe we are creating the leading luxury insights company.

 Luxury Society will continue to deliver all community, news, and event activities 

Luxury Society will continue to deliver all community, news, and event activities, and will also release key intelligence reports such as the WorldWatchReport™ and World Luxury Index™.

With the backing of Digital Luxury Group, we also look forward to bringing our members a re-imagined platform for which to connect, inform and inspire luxury brand executives.

For full details we invite you to continue reading the press release or email with any further questions.

Otherwise we thank you for your ongoing support and look forward to sharing with you the Luxury Society of the future.

Pierre-Yves Poulain





Digital Luxury Group is the digital partner of forward-thinking luxury brands. With offices in Geneva, New York, and Shanghai, DLG combines leading brand intelligence with bespoke digital marketing services.