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- 15 Jun 2011
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The Luxury Boutique Delivered to Your Door

Luxury Society discovers Reebonz Mobil, the physical extension of Singapore based members-only online shopping site, quite literally, on wheels.

Revolutionising retail has been a constant theme in the last decade of luxury, where the Internet, tablet and mobile technologies have created countless opportunities for expanding geographically, engaging new customers and granting unprecedented access and power to consumers.

But whilst brands may be increasingly engaging the digital space, momentum and focus has not been lost on stores – physical retail is still an incredibly important part of the marketing mix, and an opportunity for retailers to fully immerse a consumer in their world. But this hasn’t stopped companies from being physically innovative – Louis Vuitton recently launched a children’s playroom in one of their Middle Eastern stores, Burberry are using stores as media centres, where clients can watch runway shows live and place orders immediately on iPad’s.

But so far none of them have gone as far as taking a traditional shopping experience physically to the consumer.

That is until Singapore based members-only online shopping site, Reebonz, invested $120,000 in a 40-foot container truck, which was then fitted out as a luxury boutique. The travelling retail road show stops three times a week at various public spaces and luxury precincts, offering their discounted wares to local consumers. Currently buyers can choose from an array of branded items like bags, wallets and belts at discounts ranging from 15 to 50 per cent.

The concept was officially launched nine months ago with plans to enter the Malaysian and Thai markets by the end of 2011. “Whether you are in office or in an area that doesn’t have retail shops, Reebonz Mobil will create a lot of surprise and excitement, to look at the luxury items that we have on sale and come and grab something and buy something offhand,” remarked CEO and founder Samuel Lin.