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- 29 Jun 2011
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Luxury Society: A Global Network, A Local Success


One of many debates between luxury executives, this time at the Sofitel Shanghai

As our LS Local series of events come to a close, we share the success stories and announce our plans for future events

In partnership with Sofitel and Louis XIII, Luxury Society launched its first series of events, held in twelve countries over six weeks. Debuting in Munich, LS Locals visited Moscow, Milan, Dubai, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Los Angeles, São Paulo and New York, as well as Paris, London and Geneva.

Almost 500 members attended cocktail receptions, intimate dinners and spirited debates, where Luxury Society sought to better understand how the global luxury market is evolving and gather information for our upcoming regional market guides.

After two years of online development and community growth, Luxury Society is now a network of over 20,000 active professionals, in more than 150 countries. Daily, our members access the platform for the most relevant and accurate industry information and to connect and foster new business opportunities.

Understanding the value in personal connections, LS Local events sought to physically bring together member chapters, to network, discover synergies and forge new and exciting business relationships. Although our members work in or with luxury brands, targeting the same end consumer, they rarely have opportunities to share market vision … and business cards.


Luxury Society Members networking in Geneva at La Réserve

The greatest success of the series was arguably the hundreds of new connections made, but also the sharing of cross-industry insights. Our dinner in Sao Paulo fuelled a discussion between key hospitality figures about the need for the Brazilian government to give a more professional image to tourism. Our debate in New York, with a panel of 5 senior executives and an audience of over 100, inspired conversations about defining the US customer, giving members concrete valuable insights from industry experts to take away.

Events in emerging markets were particularly successful, where the industry is still young and executives are still looking to meet local service providers, imagine collaborations with other brands and better understand their regions. Executives remarked that there were very few opportunities for luxury professionals to meet and exchange ideas, in an informal setting, therefore they quickly identified LS Local as a ‘must-attend’ event.

After proving our ability to connect members in a facilitative setting and the feedback we have had from attendees, Luxury Society is looking forward to launching local member chapters and a network of physical communities all over the globe. Our chapters will serve as a regular meeting place for local executives, but also as a portal for non-resident members to learn more about particular markets and executives within them.

 professional social networking does not mean you must meet thousands of people, all you have to do is meet the right ones 

In the meantime, Luxury Society used these gatherings as a way to draw on the collective local wisdom of members and to gather valuable first hand market information and insights. Therefore, in September, we look forward to launching a series of Market Guides, to assist executives in better understanding various countries and regions, and the specialities and nuances of local business.

Our guides will consist of three key parts. Firstly, we will provide wealth report data and statistics on the region, provided by LS Partner Ledbury Research. We have also included some key insights from LS members, sharing their analysis, visions and experiences. And finally we have compiled a directory of all country-based service providers, to be contacted by brands wanting to develop their business locally.

Speaking after the series, with our founder and vice president, Pierre-Yves Poulain, he made the remark that: “professional social networking does not mean you must meet thousands of people. All you have to do is meet the right ones, the ones who make sense for your business". And we very much look forward to bringing more of these opportunities to more of our members, all over the world.


Members connecting at our cocktail at Sofitel Shanghai


Luxury Society’s Market Guides will be released in September 2011. For advertising opportunities please contact our sales team: