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- 8 Jun 2010
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The Guggenheim Looks East


China’s vibrant art scene is attracting the attention of one of the art world’s biggest players.

China’s art boom has caught they eye of the Guggenheim Museum. This week Richard Armstrong, director of the iconic New York institution, travelled to coastal cities in East China to discuss the possibility of branching out into one of the world’s most exciting emerging markets: “China is like a completely new world to me, everything here is so exciting, especially its art…I hope in the near future there will be further cooperation between Guggenheim and art museums here.”

Rather than building an entirely new construction, like the Guggenheim’s colossal project in Abu Dhabi, it looks more likely that the museum will partner with existing Chinese museums. Armstrong seemed attracted to the greater flexibility this would afford the museum, comparing his role to that a company director. And with China in the midst of an energetic museum building spree, the Guggenheim’s plans for collaboration could not have come at a better time for Chinese gallerists.

Jing Daily