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- 14 Jun 2010
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Is Gareth Pugh Being Snapped up by Thierry Mugler?


Fashionable Chinese whispers suggest that London-based talent Gareth Pugh may be moving to Thierry Mugler.

In the succession rumours that abounded following Alexander McQueen’s tragic death in February, theatrical designer Gareth Pugh’s name was mooted, only for the suggestion to be dismissed out of hand by the designer’s PR company Mandi Lennard. Now, in the wake of reports that Thierry Mugler is seeking new fashion direction, Pugh’s name has come to the fore once again. But are the rumours to be believed?

According to sources, Thierry Mugler, the Parisian fashion and fragrance house, currently directed by Rosemary Rodriguez, is looking for new fashion direction and has approached several candidates including Pugh, who is said to have attended meetings with the house.

In contrast to the resounding dismissal of rumours relating to a link with Alexander McQueen, this time Mandi Lennard and Pugh himself have remained quiet as rumours have flown.

Is this an indication that there is some substance behind them? Or was it simply that Mandi Lennard felt the sensitive circumstances surrounding the appointment at McQueen dictated particular PR standards?

The Mugler fashion line has had a chequered history. In 2003 it was moth-balled by owner Groupe Clarins, and then revived in 2008 under Rodriguez. By all accounts Rodriguez’s work has met with internal approval and the brand recently welcomed the news that Beyonce had chosen to work with them for her UK tour. Indeed, Rodriguez is still firmly ensconced so it is not yet clear what role Pugh would adopt.

Whatever the truth may be, the rumours are causing just the kind of buzz the brand needs.