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- 9 Jun 2010
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Baselworld Supports ‘Reponsible’ Jewellery


One of the world’s largest watch and jewellery shows is throwing its weight behind a group highlighting ethical issues facing the industry.

Baselword has pledged official support for the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), whose aim is to promote ethical practices throughout the jewellery supply chain.

The RJC expressed their delight at the opportunity to work in partnership with the world-famous jewellery trade show: “…with its 100,700 trade buyers from 100 countries, [Baselworld] is the perfect platform for the RJC to reach a wide breadth of the industry with its message of responsible business practices backed by independent, third-party audits.”

Jewellery companies can apply to the RJC for third party certification, which will surely become central to ensuring the “consumer confidence” which Michael Rae, CEO of the RJC said was key to what the partnership could offer exhibitors.

Consumer confidence is indeed crucial at a time when public attention has been drawn to the issues of blood diamonds; the use of dangerous child labour; the environmental problems surrounding open pit mining and the river pollution caused by the mercury and cyanide used in processing gold.

It seems possible that with official backing from Baselworld, such certification may one day become compulsory.

Cynics may argue that this is little more than a token publicity stunt, but regardless of how much substance will accompany Baselworld’s stance, the move certainly mirrors an increased consumer awareness of the ethical issues surrounding the jewellery trade.

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