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- 30 Apr 2010

Going Green: The Future of Luxury

What steps has the luxury industry taken to face future environmental issues and what’s the next move?

The world is contemplating a future where environmental challenges must be faced head on. The luxury industry is not exempt, with resource shortages, climate change and increasing consumer expectations of luxury brands ever-more prominent issues.

In Going Green: The Future of Luxury, The Luxury Channel meets with LS member Dr Jem Bendell who has been challenging the industry to place sustainability at core of luxury. The video investigates the industry’s response to the environmental and social changes affecting the world in the aftermath of economic downturn.

About The Luxury Chanel
In partnership with CNBC Europe The Luxury Channel is in a unique position to offer LS members preferential sponsorship opportunities through advertiser funded programming to enhance their brand on their weekly ‘Luxury Life’ series and on major international broadcasters BBC World News, CNBC, National Geographic, FOX Channels . Engaging an audience of 250 million high net viewers and syndicating through trusted 3rd party media partners, 40 million high net worth viewers through USA Hotel Networks and Forbes.

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